On your marks with the Top 5 World Marathons

Everyone talks about getting a healthier lifestyle each year but very few manage to get around to it with work and family life but if you are determined them a great choice to make is making a commitment to take part in a marathon.  With a continual training regime to help you build up to running a full marathon there is a clear goal in sight and with many marathons to choose from in some of the most visually stunning places in the world and even opportunities to race for charities that are close to your heart it’s a fantastic commitment to make.  To help you decide, here is a rundown of five of the best marathons you can choose to run.

Berlin Marathon

Undoubtedly the largest marathon event in the world with 40,000 marathon runners, fun runners and power walkers participating each September to run, job or walk the 26 mile course through the streets of Berlin.  Besides the Marathon there is also numerous events taking place over the two days you can enjoy as well.


As the Berlin Marathon takes place during Autumn, the milder temperatures combined with a completely flat course make it one of the best for new marathon runners but also ideal for setting your personal target as in recent years the men’s world record has been broken three times.  Topping the marathon off is definitely the scenery in one of the most stunning cities in Europe, especially on the last strait on Avenue Unter den Linden where you pass through the Brandenburg Gate.

Boston Marathon

Taking place on Patriots’ Day, the Boston Marathon is the original and oldest marathon across the globe and will be celebrating 116 years in 2013 and is seen as a huge sporting and social event with 25,000 runners taking part.

It’s considered the most gruelling marathon course out of the top five world marathons as the course sees runners go through eight towns from Hopkington to the Back Bay by Copley Square, five miles of the stretch over four hills culminates in a 600 metre stretch that climbs up to 88 vertical feet causing even experienced runners to walk rather than run.  Not only that but the weather can be unpredictable too making this one truly tough marathon but a great sense of accomplishment when completed.

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon, now in its 36th year and ever increasingly popular with an average of 45,000 runners each time with a flat course with the starting and finishing lines in Grant Park but along the way you go past Chicago’s iconic landmarks and districts like Little Italy, Old Town and University Village so it’s also one of the best ways to sightsee in the city.  All runners are eligible to enjoy the 27th Mile Post-Race Party at Grant Park’s Butler with live entertainment, with plenty of food and drink.

London Marathon

Being very flat the London Marathon is ideal for beginners and sees 30,000 participants every year run the course which starts at Greenwich and Blackheath and takes runners past the key stunning and historic iconic areas and landmarks of London such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Canary Wharf and more before finishing along the Mall.

Each year fun runners in costumes, charity runners, power walkers and more take part with hundreds of thousands of spectators enjoying the event making a truly incredible atmosphere like nothing else.

Besides these five there are numerous other marathons around the world certainly worth competing in if you decide to take up marathon running in beautiful cities and landscapes like the Polar Circle Marathon which has the added challenge of the arctic climate to face so there’s always another to participate in.

If you are thinking of running a marathon then the most important aspect is to ensure that you have the correct footwear for running and make sure you have your shoes properly fitted.