3 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

You’ve heard the myths that lifting weights will make a woman bulk up.

Or maybe you have tried lifting weights at the gym and aren’t sure if you are doing it properly.

  1. Lifting weights will not make you bulk up and look like the Hulk. Lifting weights if done correctly, will increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat percentage. The more muscle you have, the faster metabolism you will have. Therefore it is impossible to bulk up and look like the Hulk, your metabolism is faster! It is important to get your heart rate up before and during your weight lifting sessions. This will increase your burned calories even more.women lift weights
  2. Knowing that lifting weights increases your muscle mass you must also realize that more muscle mass increases your metabolism. This means you do not have to diet as strictly as you thought you would have to because your muscle mass is working harder than ever to metabolize the calories you have taken in.
  3. When women lift weights appropriately their muscle is toned not made larger. The key to lifting weights correctly is to ensure you are able to do two to three sets of ten to twelve reps. If you cannot, you are lifting too much. If you can without struggling, you are lifting too little.