3 Steps for a Sharp Tummy Look

A washboard stomach is on the wish list of most people who work out and of those who don’t too. Toned abdominal muscles add plenty of oomph to a body, whether male or female. They may not be easy to achieve but there are a few simple exercises that will set you on to the flat road.

Flat Stomach ExercisesYou can start with the ab-wheel, bicycle and the Hindu push up (the mountain pose).

1. The ab-wheel exercise

The ab-wheel is the equipment that helps you work out your abs. It is a simple wheel on a short bar with hand grips on the sides.

Start in the kneeling position, knees together and wheel in front (on the floor). Hold the wheel and keep your hands straight.

Slowly roll the wheel in front till your arms are in front of the head. Keep the body 3-6 inches off the floor.

Slowly pull back and come back to the starting position. Remember to use your abs when pulling back. 7-10 repetitions of the movement would be one set.

2. The bicycle ab exercise

Lie down flat, the lower back should be pressed downwards. Lace your fingers and place them under your head. Raise your knees to the chest and move the legs in a pedaling motion. As you pedal touch the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa.

3. The Hindu push up

Hindu push up is the mountain pose from yoga. Lie down flat on your stomach. Place the hands palm down on your sides, near the chest. Raise your upper body from the floor and then slowly raise the lower body too.

The body will balance on the two feet and two palms only. Raise your hips as high as they go and lower the head inwards.

Try and keep the arms and knees locked and feet flat on the ground. Hold for as long as you can and then slowly lower the body on to the floor. Repeat five times to complete the set.

A combination of these exercises will help you tone your abdominal muscles and work towards a flat stomach.