5 Most Popular And Trendy Workout Programs Today

Have you been working out in the gym for years and getting bored with the cardio on the treadmill, lifting weights in the circuit and then cardio on the elliptical?

Have you considered taking a class at your gym? You don’t have to take an aerobics class or step class because there are some very popular and very different ways to participate in a class and get an incredible workout.

We researched all the classes in the country over the past year and have come up with the five most trendy and popular classes. And they are popular for a reason!

1.Pole Dancing

In the past few years a trend in fitness has taken over the nation and fitness clubs everywhere and this trend is pole dancing. Yes pole dancing! Private clubs and public gyms are offering pole dancing classes as a fitness class as well as private studios.

( photo by Jon Frosdick )

Pole dancing classes began as a trend mainly for bachelorette parties and girls’ nights’ out for something different and now has become the latest fitness phenomenon.

Pole dancing lessons can burn up to 500 calories an hour and you will work muscle groups you never knew you had. You will have a whole new appreciation for women who utilize pole dancing for their living because it is extremely difficult and they make it look very easy.

Reviews from women who have tried the pole dancing phenomenon as a substitute to their normal workout regime have just raved about the results they have seen after only weeks of attending pole dancing classes. Women are saying they are becoming taught, tight and leaner than ever.


Zumba has been around for nearly a decade however just recently in the past 5-7 years caught on to mainstream America and spread like wildfire among gyms and private fitness clubs.

( photo by RidingWithScissors )

The premise of Zumba is to dance your way to a fitter you. The classes are an hour long usually with a short warm up and a brief cool down at the conclusion of the class.

The idea behind Zumba is you are doing different dance routines throughout the hour so you literally don’t realize how hard you are working or, in some cases, how much pain you are in.

Zumba is most authentic when taught at a private studio that specializes in Zumba only, however many clubs and gyms around the country are incorporating Zumba classes into their already offered curriculum. There are also Zumba DVDs available for rent and purchase.

Zumba will build your endurance like you never thought possible and it will make you sweat like no other workout you have ever tried. Zumba will also leave you sore the next day as you are working muscle groups you have not worked in a long time.

There also is a national Zumba web site that explains and defines the trend for anyone who is interested.

3.Boot Camp

Boot camp is exactly what it sounds like. Boot Camp! It’s not just for the military anymore it has now invaded your gyms and workout facilities across the country. Boot camp can be run many different ways however one of the most common ways is for participants to grab a multitude of ‘props’ before class.

boot camp( photo by marketwire )

Oftentimes you will grab a yoga ball, hand weights and barbells, and a mat and possibly a chair. The premise of a boot camp class is that you will work the same muscle groups for 1-2 songs.

For example, the teacher may have you place your palms facing backwards and you are facing forwards, on the seat part of the chair.

You may be instructed to do backward push-ups for either 30 seconds or maybe to the count of 30. Then you will switch and grab hand weights and put them over your head, dip them down behind you, for triceps for 30 seconds or for the count of 30.

Your teacher will incorporate one more exercise as the boot camp exercises are usually done in groups of three and you will gradually count your repetitions down to twenty, then down to ten, and so forth. All the while there will be heart-pulsing fun dance and techno music playing over the loudspeaker.


PX90 is the latest trend in fitness. PX90 is a series of DVD that you purchase and do at home in your own time. Equipment for the PX90 workout program consists of a chin up bar, push up stand, push up bar, resistance bands, a yoga mat and yoga blocks among other items.

PX90( photo by concreteumbrella )

The program is broken into weeks and offers the participant different exercises and different exercise plans for each week. Many participants who have used PX90 for the first time have said they have never moved their body so much and in so many different ways in their entire life!

The program when purchased also comes with meal suggestions for improved health and balanced nutrition while going through the PX90 fitness program.

Apparently the PX90 fitness program took more than a year to develop and some of the industry’s most respected fitness professionals were involved in the development of the PX90 program.


While spinning has been around for decades it is now making huge breakthroughs into mainstream gyms as a very popular way to burn hundreds upon hundreds of calories.  There are many reasons spinning has finally made a breakthrough into the top 5 fitness programs in the country.

( photo by US Army Korea – IMCOM )

Spinning is extremely intense and is the number one workout that you feel like you have absolutely burned off every calorie possible. Spinning can be done throughout the year and is offered at nearly every gym in the country. It does take several weeks to build up tolerance to the bike seat and endurance to make it through the class.

**Note that kickboxing and pilates were very close.