6 Ways to Burn 150 Calories

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean having a gym subscription. When it comes to losing weight any type of movement matters and there are many ways to shake off some calories.

Any type of physical activity can help you lose some kilograms and burn some calories but the efficiency differs from one to the other. Here are the 6 activities which are able to help you burn 150 calories in 20 minutes.

1. Biking

Ways to Burn  CaloriesDo you own a bicycle? If not, it is about time you should buy one. It doesn’t matter if the weather is not exactly tempting you to go out.

This activity can be done no matter if outside is sunny or clouded. Depending on its intensity the cycling burns 150 calories in less than 20 minutes, not to mention that it tones your legs and takes care of your heart.

2. The video exercises

You can find them on the internet or on TV. All you have to do is to look for them and build your own training mix. 15-20 minutes of exercising following the routine of the professionals will burn you 150 calories.

3. Walking

The most pleasant and most natural physical exercise can help you burn calories provided you pick up the pace. 20 minutes of alert walking can help you get rid of …yeah…you guessed right: 150 calories.

4. Jogging

This one is a record breaker as efficiency is concerned. 20 minutes of jogging with the 20 minutes of walking that usually follows burns 400 calories.

5. Dancing

Dancing around the house or going clubbing is a strong ally for keeping in shape. It tones the muscles and cheers you up. 20 minutes of this activity burns around 150 calories.

6. Cleaning up

Cleaning up the house is an extremely tiresome function. Still if you take a look at it from a different perspective it can be a very good way to stay in shape. A day of cleaning, dusting and washing can be a burden. However, a daily routine of 20 minutes will help you burn more than 150 calories.