8-Minute Tae Bo Workout To Burn More Calories

To you who really have a busy schedule, an 8-minute workout is such a relief. Ideally your muscles begin to burn calories only after about 30 minutes of workout, including the warm up exercises. But with Tae Bo, your 8-minute workout will include everything, from the warm up to the cool down. Take a look how Tae Bo burns calories in less time.

Tae Bo, a cardio routine exercise, is both martial arts taekwondo and boxing, mixed with dance moves that make it enjoyable and interesting.

Tae Bo program focuses on both training mental and physical speed coupled with endurance and accuracy. The kicks and punches are not intended for fighting, but to develop the body and the spirit creating self awareness, discipline and confidence.

Due to the complexity of skills required in doing Tae Bo, a regular one hour work out can be compressed and you burn the same amount of calories in the process.

The required muscle strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination and awareness will definitely keep you fit mentally and physically.

Tae Bo will benefit you in numerous ways, that includes muscle toning and defining; balance, flexibility and coordination; and most importantly an improved heart and lungs that come from the dance moves and high energy work out.

And the most popular Tae Bo benefit, is its proven calorie burning effectiveness of about 500 to 800 calories in just one hour, whereas a conventional aerobics class will allow you to burn only about half the calories.

It should be remembered however, that the workout being very intense should follow a pacing, increasing in speed and strength over time and not done in an abrupt, irregular manner, because this can be very harmful to the body and the immune system. The regular work out also strengthens the bone decreasing the risk for injury and incidence of osteoporosis.

And another bonus benefit is the development of self-esteem for having a beautiful and fit body and a sound mind!