The Top Two Abdominal Exercises for Women

Anyone who cares about what they look like these days should be interested in having other people admire their beautiful abs.  Both men and women should consider the toughest ab exercises they can find because those will be the ones that are most effective on their abdominal region.

Although some of the abdominal exercises for women can be pretty tough, they are definitely worth it in the long run.  Also, they become much easier after you have done them for awhile.  One of the biggest mistakes many individuals make when they start doing ab workouts is that they only work out one region of the abs.

You need to make sure that you work out all areas of the abdominal region if you want to have the best possible look and strength.  There are many different abdominal exercises for women available these days, but these two are truly the best you can find.  The best part about these exercises is that you can do them all from the privacy of your home.

Abdominal Exercises for Women: Ball Crunches

Ball Crunches

Ball crunches are the best exercise to start with if you are just beginning to make working out part of your daily routine.  For this routine, you will only need one of those bouncy, rubbery exercise balls.  To start, sit on the ball and put your hands on the back of your hand.

Your legs should be touching or almost touching the ground so that your upper back and shoulders remain on top of the ball.  Try to keep your legs shoulder width apart.  The next step is to lift up your pelvic region to straighten your back and contract the abdomen muscles.

You can now start to do normal crunches by slowly raising your shoulders and not just pulling your neck up.  If you can feel the burn in your abdominals and not your neck, you will know you are doing it right.  Try to do 2 or 3 sets of about 15 repetitions every time you work out from now on.

Abdominal Exercises for Women: Floor Bicycle Workout

Floor Bicycle WorkoutThere is no equipment required for this exercise.  The only thing you really need for this exercise is a floor that is not too hard, but also not too soft.  An exercise pad would be great for this workout, but is not mandatory.

To start this exercise, lay down on your back with your hands behind your head, just like the previous exercise.  The difference with this exercise comes with the legs.  You should keep them straight out in front of you before you begin.

As you start doing your crunches, bend one leg in and guide your crunch towards the other leg.  Complete this movement for 15 or so repetitions in one set.  Your legs should look like you are riding a bike once you get going at a faster pace with this exercise.

This one is sometimes hard to do if you have not done abdominal workouts in the past, so it may not be a good idea to start with this one right away.  Once you have done the ball crunches for awhile, you can then move on to this more advanced routine.