Archery Training, Perfect For Upper Body Strength

Everyone has heard of England’s legendary Robin Hood who was a master archer and robbed from the rich to feed the poor.

His talent meant that Hood was a fit individual with a very powerful upper body and a great eye for the target.

In the 21st century all the attributes of an archer can be obtained without even knowing how to pick up a bow and never having to shoot a single arrow.

However if you enjoy the ancient sport and many do still partake in its pleasures then an archery exerciser will help you excel at your favorite pursuit.archery training

It is specially designed to strengthen the different muscles required to be proficient at holding and pulling back on a bow long enough to take aim and be successful.

Ordinary equipment such as dumbbells and weights will do a good enough job but the archery exerciser will be even better.

The key to archery skill is strength in both the back and the wrists and if these areas can be developed precision is almost guaranteed. The area of Isometrics is perfectly suited to the sport of archery and offers much for the modern archer.

It combines iso-tension and isotonic training and has been used by well known athletic people such as Bruce Lee.

Having the power to throw a good punch is not dissimilar to pulling back on a bow, and many have benefited from a machine called a Tensolator. Isometrics has been proven to be an effective form of muscle strengthening exercise.

Most of the exercises suited to archery can be done at home which will not require a visit to your local forest be it in Sherwood or any other.