Be Fabulous After Forty By Starting A Workout Program

If you think to start a workout program, you may get a picture of strenuous workout on huge machines, huffing and puffing in front of you.

Workout program includes different types of workouts.

Your workout program can be a simple walk or strength training workouts.

You can join a fitness center for starting your workout program and ask the fitness trainer which workout is right for you [Fitness training].

If you are active:

If your workout program contains at least three days a week for thirty minutes, then you qualify as an active person.workout program

You can do only cardio work out or you can do both cardio and strength training.

You have to work on cardio, strength training and balance but you have to focus on raising the intensity of your weight training workout gradually. If you have more lean muscles, you will feel younger and look good.

To get lean muscles, start with two sets of strength training exercises the first week and add a second set in the second or third week. Next, add third set.

If you are inactive:

If your idea of workout program is a round of golf on the weekends or playing with the kids, then you are inactive. You have to go for running for an hour or do hard core aerobic exercises.

You need minimum of three exercises and you have to work on areas like strength, cardio and balance. Increase the days of workout as you progress until you are working for six days a week.

Do one set of exercises such as cardio, strength, lunges, push ups, curls and squats the first two to four weeks. As you feel easy to do the exercises, add second set. Progress slowly and don’t complete in a hurry as you are not participating in any competition.

For every one:

You can perform balance exercises which will focus on your core muscles. These are the exercise workouts that are going to make you feel better if you have back pain. A strong core improves your posture, protects you against pulled muscles, and will help your balance.

Your coordination improves and you have fewer injuries. Your injuries such as sneezing, muscle pulling reduces with workout program. In the first two weeks, start with one set. Go slowly and add second set only after you can do first set correctly in your workout program. Add third set after doing two sets correctly.

Before starting any workout program at the age of forty, it is better to consult your physician first. Before starting workout program, rule out underlying problems. Once you start, it is easy to add new routine in your daily habit. The important thing is to start slowly and increase the intensity and workout time gradually.