The Benefits of Exercise When Using Whey Protein

Spring is here, and with it the diet season has already kicked off.

We all hit the gym with renewed interest for a couple of months in the hopes of losing the winter fat we put on, and we all have dreams of emerging after a month or two with a body we’ve seen on TV.

Several clothes sizes smaller and with abs you wouldn’t believe. Alas for most of us this isn’t a reality; we halfheartedly attend the gym a couple of times a week and cut back on a takeaway or two then give up as we don’t notice any visible results in this short time period.

But there may be a way for us to speed up the process slightly, give our muscles a bit of a boost and help them to improve their performance.

We’ve all heard of athletes and body builders taking supplements such as steroids and the negative side affects they can have upon the body, many of us have grouped the new miracle product whey protein in to this category.

But in that instance we couldn’t be more wrong first of all whey protein is available over the counter rather than in some shady backstreet.

Secondly, there have been a number of studies focused around whey protein and the affect it has upon the muscles.

Whey protein is absorbed quickly by the body and has been found to reduce the amount of muscle damage caused by workouts and helps to accelerate the post workout muscle building process. Whey protein has also been shown to reduce muscle damage, increase endurance and promote faster muscle recovery after exercise.

If whey protein is taken before, during or after exercise it can help not only to increase muscle performance as well as help to build up muscle mass. As it is a natural product the side effects are a less than those of synthetic man made drugs such as steroids.

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