Benefits of Physical Activity that You Should Consider

There are many obvious and well known benefits of physical activity, such as weight control, fitness, looking good and so on. However there are so many other benefits of regular exercise; some of which you may not have thought of.

If there was one thing that a person can do for the good of their health and long term wellbeing, then it would have to be exercise.

There are many health problems that can be avoided with exercise.

physical exerciseThe benefits of physical activity for one’s health are many – it can help avert obesity, which is itself a predictor for many life threatening diseases. Regular exercise can help to keep osteoporosis at bay, it can help control and reduce back pain by helping to improve endurance, muscle strength, posture and body flexibility.

It is also well known that exercise helps reduce risk of heart disease by improving heart health – the heart muscles become stronger, cholesterol levels can normalize, blood pressure is better controlled, blood circulation to the organs is improved. Even the risk of non insulin dependent diabetes as well as developing metabolic syndrome and even stroke is reduced with the help of exercise.

The CDC website lists several other benefits of physical activity such as:

It can reduce one’s risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. Active women are less likely to have breast cancer and the overall rate of colon cancer is lower among those who are physically active.

Strengthening the bones and muscles of the body can have obvious benefits but for older adults this can be particularly vital – exercise can help keep a person more mobile and independent even in old age. By helping to improve balance and flexibility the chance of falling and injuring oneself reduce, which are yet more benefits of physical activity.

Exercise can help beat stress and elevate the mood.

Physical exercise can beat mental stress by causing the body to secrete certain beneficial hormones. Stress is known to hamper health and wellbeing so controlling this is vital.

In addition, depression and anxiety are curbed, and people can feel better about themselves; self esteem is often seen to rise among those who exercise regularly and find themselves looking more attractive.

In addition, the Mayo Clinic Website lists the following benefits of regular exercise

With regular physical exercise the muscles and organs of the body are better oxygenated and this can help beat fatigue and increase the body’s energy levels. The heart and lung work more efficiently and you can go through a day feeling more charged and energetic.

Exercise is a great antidote to poor sleep, helping a person sleep better and deeper; this in turn can make one more efficient and productive during waking hours.

Some of the added benefits of physical activity are the fact that it can help to improve your sex life. As a person gains good health and fitness and a more attractive body, they can feel better about themselves and this can reflect in a better sex life. Exercising with a significant other or a good friend can, quite simply, be a lot of fun as well.