10 Wonderful Benefits of Skipping or Jumping Rope

Skipping is one of the most effective health exercises in the world and is great for all the body parts.  There is a reason why parents encourage their kids to take up skipping and a reason why most athletes and sportspersons take up skipping for warming up.  Let’s look at the 10 most wonderful benefits of skipping:

benefits of skipping

1. For wonderful skin

If you want to have wonderful skin,   you definitely need to do exercise. The best possible form of exercise for getting good skin is skipping.  Skipping can be done at home and needs no major equipments as well.  It reduces acne, brings a glow on your skin and it does so by increasing the blood flow.

2. Skipping is good for healthy lymphatic system

Another benefit of skipping is that it leads to a health lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is that system of the body which removes the waste and harmful toxins and must always work properly and in a healthy manner. Thus one must skip regularly to keep it working well.

3. Full body workout

Skipping is the best exercise for a full body workout and works your legs, arms, heart and your abs.  Moreover, it works your mind as well and provides strength and agility to you.

4. Can be done anywhere

Skipping can be done at absolutely anyplace, be it your home, your workplace, your terrace, a garden or in the gym.  Thus, you do not need to worry about missing on your workout session if you include skipping to it.

5. Minimum equipment required

Most gym based exercises or workouts require the need of heavy equipments, which are easy to carry or transport but the same is not true for jumping rope.  For skipping, all you need is a skipping rope and you are done! This is surely one of the benefits of this form of exercise.

6. It costs nothing(almost)

Skipping is one of the cheapest forms of exercising which costs you only the minimal price of the jumping rope.  So this means that you do not need to invest a lot and the results are still fabulous.

7. Burns calories

One of the health benefits of skipping is that it helps you to burn a lot of calories and hence lose weight. It keeps you healthy for a long time and is great for those who are trying to shed off the extra pounds.

8. Good for the health of the heart

Skipping is one of those exercises which are great for the heart health.  It helps to fight a number of heart diseases like stroke and improves overall cardiovascular health.

9. Keeps you active

If you take up skipping on a regular basis, you are likely to become much more active and energetic in the long run. It sets pace for the day if done in the morning and maintains your high energy level throughout the day.

10. It’s fun!

Apart from other benefits, one which stands out is that it is easy to do and a lot of fun!

Photo Credit By: contentinjection.com