Top 4 Best Abdominal Exercises

It can be very embarrassing to have a bulging tummy and it limits your wardrobe of choice. Summer is totally a bummer because it can be so horrifying being seen in a two piece with layers of fats on your tummy.

Not only that, a big belly can be a cause of a serious disease too. The thought alone makes you want to try those best abdominal exercises they have been telling you all along.

best abdominal exercisesHere’s a peek at four of the most effective abdominal exercises. Take a look and see which one suit you best:

1. The Bicycle Exercise

Voted by many as the one of the best abdominal exercises, the bicycle can be done as easy as ABC. What’s more? This can be done practically anywhere. All you need is a comfortable floor to lie down.

To kick off with the routine, simply lie on your back with legs lifted and parallel to the floor. With your hands at the sides of your head, lift it up slowly off the ground.

Simultaneously bring up your right knee towards your left elbow by moving your upper body. Alternate and make sure that your elbow touches your knee. Do this routine regularly and see the results in due time.

2. The Plank Pose

Considered as a form of yoga, the plank pose is also one of the best abdominal exercises that promise to flatten your stomach and all the abs muscles as well. This is done by lying on your stomach with your feet together.

With your hands under your shoulders, extend the arms to come up with a push up position. Slowly contract your abs and keep your body straight and elongated. Hold the same for about ten breaths.

3. Sit Ups

Long before the advent of crunches and other abdominal exercises, sit ups have been known to flatten the belly. Still as effective as they were before, sit ups can be done anytime, anywhere.

Start by lying on the floor with your knees up, hands crossed on your chest and feet on the floor. If you are just starting, have somebody hold your feet down. Lift your lower back together with your shoulder blades and slowly lower down your body. Repeat the routine several times until it becomes easy for you.

4. The Basic Crunch

Crunches are best abdominal exercises. They tone your belly and give you that amazing six pack. It has many variations but for a newbie like you, sticking to the basic crunches will do.

A basic crunch will require you to lie with your back on the floor. You may either put your hands to the sides of your head or have them crossed on the chest. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle with feet rested on the floor.

Reach out for your knee by lifting your shoulder blades and concentrating on your stomach muscles. Your legs must not move. Slowly lower your body down and repeat the routine.

Saying goodbye to unwanted belly fat can be achieved following a strict diet and sticking to these best abdominal exercises.