Best Arm Exercise – for Toning and Size

When it comes to arm exercise, the requirements for men and women tend to be somewhat different – while most men would like to increase bulk and size, most women tend to want toning of the arms; particular the kind of arm exercise that will help get rid of the loose or flabby tissue that tends to swing in an unseemly fashion while waving and so on.

The best arm exercisesarm exercise for toning are –

  • Weights or resistance exercises are very effective arm exercise for toning. Women are often apprehensive about bulking up or looking manly of developing thick arms with weight training, but in fact women are hormonally less capable of bulking up than men, and the many of the same arm exercise that will help men increase arm size, will help women develop toned, attractive and non flabby arms.
  • Toning arm exercises can include bicep curls (start using 5 pound dumbbells and work your way up to more challenging weights), tricep dips (using a stable chair or similar), lateral raises (using the same weights as your bicep curls) and tricep extensions (which are basically extending your arms behind the head while holding a weight).
  • Other very effective arm exercise that do not use any external weights are chin ups. When you use your arms to basically lift up your entire body it can really work out the entire arms. Regular Pushups help to work out not only the arms but also the shoulder area.
  • Any weight loss activity actually also counts as arm exercise for toning – if you are successfully able to reduce overall body fat, the arm muscles will become more visible, and more clearly defined, effectively getting rid of the saggy or loose tissue in the upper arms.

If there is one thing that men can hope to show off, it would have to be big arms. But remember arms are not just the biceps; you have to use specific arm exercises that target the triceps and the forearms as well.

If you want to fill out your shirt sleeves and also look good in tight tees, then big arms are your best friend; you won’t hesitate to take off that shirt either!  And some of the Best Arm Exercise for increasing bulk and size are –

  • The best forearm exercises as recommended by experts are – reverse grip barbell curls, hammer curls, barbell wrist curls, plate pinching and farmer walks. To see videos of how each of these is performed, you can check out this page for best forearm exercise.
  • The top five recommended bicep exercises are close grip chin ups, supinated bent over rows, hammer curls, alternating rotating dumbbell curls, and that classic, standing arm exercise – the standing barbell curls.  To see videos of how each of these is performed, you can check out this page for best biceps exercise.
  • For the triceps, the best recommended arm exercise includes close grip diamond pushups with clap, lying French press or skullcurshers, rack lockout of board press, weighted dips and the classic close grip bench press. To see videos of how each of these is performed, you can check out this page for best triceps exercise.