Braganza Routine for Sexy Arms

This will sound like great news to all those who are trying to get into shape. The arms and the shoulder region tend to carry less fat than the other body regions. Thus they will shape and tone faster than the other areas of your body.

All you need is a pair of 3-8 pound dumbbells. It would depend on the intensity you desire.

Braganza RoutineDescribed below are a set of arms and hands exercise designed by Ramona Braganza to give you sexy arms sooner than you thought possible.

She has been personal trainer to the likes of Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway.  Try out these simple exercises for a quick makeover of arms and shoulders.

One: Stand straight and keep the feet hip-width apart. Don’t lock your knees; hold one dumbbell in each hand palms facing the thigh. Raise your hands to shoulder height, in front of you.

Hold for a few seconds then lower. Repeat 12 times for a set. To increase the effect you may bend your knees as you raise hands.

Two: Keep hands straight by the side. Raise both hands on the sides with dumbbells to shoulder level. Lower hands and repeat 12 times. Again you may bend your knees as you raise your hands to increase the intensity.

Three: The hammer curl works your biceps. Hold biceps and place hands straight down with the elbows bent slightly and resting on the body. Raise your hands, don’t move the elbows. Raise hands to shoulder level in a half circle. Lower and repeat 12 times for a set.

Four: Dumbbell cross jab for your triceps and biceps. Hold dumbbells and bend elbows to 90 degrees. Cross jab in front of you with one hand at a time. Bring back the first hand and then repeat with the next hand. This would be one count. Repeat 12 times for a set.

Five: Hold dumbbells. Bend waist at 90 degrees. Hold hands below the chest. Raise hands outside to bring them inline with the shoulders. Come back to starting position, keep the back bent. Repeat 12 times for a set.