Can Exercising Minimize the Risk of Cancer?

It is a well known factor that exercises are good for health. However, are they good enough to help you fight with chances of cancer? Apparently they are. There are ample evidences to show that exercise is good for people battling with cancer, or on the pathway of cure. At the same time, it is also true that specific type of cancer scares can be minimized with specific types of exercises. Here are some details on the issue.


Cancer prevention through physical exercise

Physical exercises have several health benefits. It is true that they even help to minimize chances of colon cancer, breast cancer and womb cancer.

  • A number of studies suggest that as you reduce your waistline you also reduce the chances of breast cancer to a large extent. It has been suggested in various researches that women who exercise regularly has 30 to 40% lower risk of suffering from breast cancer. This is so because of the hormones in your body. Women who normally have higher Estrogen level, has a higher chance of getting affected by breast cancer. However, as you exercise, your Estrogen level dips, and this ensures that you have lower chance of breast cancer. This is probably the best way to prevent breast cancer, which is increasing at an alarming rate in most parts of the world.
  • Exercise can also reduce the chances of some other types of cancers that can affect your bowel. There is colon and rectal cancer, which can be prevented to an extent with the help of physical exercise. There are alarming numbers of people dying from colorectal cancer each year. However, researches show that exercise can cut down the risk of this type of cancer to 20%. This is more so in the case of men than women. While exercising your digestive acids and other things change which helps in reducing the chances of colon and rectum cancer. Also, body fat decreases and insulin levels reduce, and these also have positive impacts too.
  • Menopausal women should also take up exercise. Women who are going through or have reached menopause are more vulnerable against a few types of cancer, and other health related problems such as heart troubles. However, if they leave a physically active life, these health problems can be minimized to a large extent. When you exercise, you can reduce the intra abdominal fat, or the layer of fat that can be found deep within the abdomen. This fat can lead to rising insulin level, which can lead to growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Does this mean that one should continue physical exercise because, weight loss leads to lesser chance of cancer? That is not the case as physical exercises have other effects on the body, which helps the prevention of cancer. And there is no age to start exercising.

Thus, if you wish to reduce the chances of some specific types of cancer, you should exercise regularly from 30 minutes to one hour.