Cardio Boxing – The Ultimate Workout For Women!

The new workout which gives great results for women is cardio boxing.

This cardio boxing works immensely for women when compared to other fad workouts.

The total cardiovascular system of the women will strengthen with this workout.

Sports scientists also agree that cardio boxing is the best workout for the women which make them to attain all the fitness levels.

The various benefits for women with cardio boxing are:

  • Increased speed
  • Increased coordination
  • Increased strength
  • Increased stamina
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Attains muscle toning and slimming effects
  • Tension relief
  • Mental benefits
  • Promotes women’s self discipline and well-being
  • Physical benefitsCardio Boxing

Non stop movement will be performed in this cardio boxing, so it is named as the best cardiovascular workout which can make you to burn more number of calories within short period of time.

When compared to other cardio workouts, this cardio boxing will have less rest time, therefore with this your heart rate stays up and your total body will be under your control.

The extra fat, which is present in your body will be burnt more within short period of time with this cardio boxing. The loose muscles present in your body also become stronger and toned into perfect shape by practicing regularly without break.

While practicing cardio boxing, boxing stance is the first thing which has to be learned perfectly by women. Boxing stance means the boxing posture. Better results will be seen within short period of time if you practice cardio boxing in the right boxing stance.

The right boxing stance for women is to stand on their feet by maintaining shoulder width apart. If you are a right hander, then your left foot must be in front of your right foot, where as if you are a left hander then your right foot must be in front of your left foot.

In the same way, right hander must bend at the knees with left fist and left hander must bend at the knees with right fist.

By standing in this perfect stance, you will be able to balance the punches correctly when they are thrown. This cardio-boxing will be just like the normal boxing, like one hand has to perform the boxing where as the other has to guard your head.

You can perform this cardio boxing in an open area or by using the punching bags. You can attain a fantastic whole body workout with constant movement of your feet and punching.