Chest Workout For Beginners And For The Advanced

Whether the aim is to just look good without your shirt on a beach, or whether the aim is to build some serious chest muscle, the following points can be kept in mind for any chest workout routine:

  • Start with a good warm up. The importance of a good warm up for any kind of workout, not just a chest workout cannot be stressed enough – not only does this help to warm up the muscles to train better and get them limber, this also reduces the chance of injury and increases the range of motion. A good warm up should include 2 light weight warm up sets ideally.
  • chest workout for beginnersThe aim should be to first build some muscle mass; the definition or the ripping can come later.So to begin with, the concentration should be on the sort of exercises that will help to create some size.
  • For this dumbbell presses and flyes are crucial for maximum growth. Beginners would do well to keep in mind the importance of building muscle mass first. Heavy power training chest workout should include dumbbell presses and flyes, as well as incline bench press, and dumbbell flyes.
  • For those that are starting out on a chest workout routine, the trick is to keep increasing weights with every set, since adding progressive resistance is the best way to put on size.
  • Also concentrate on improving the range of motion in your chest workout. This helps to improve muscle contraction and give a more complete workout to the muscles and therefore better results. You can usually achieve better range of motion using free weights rather than machines.
  • Remember that you should not be training your triceps before doing your chest workout routine. You could of course do these two workouts on different days, but if you do perform them the same day, be sure to do the chest workout first. Doing tricep exercises first will fatigue those muscles and keep you from getting optimum results from your chest workout.
  • Another tip; perform chest stretches in between sets; particularly the heavier sets, since this will help greatly.
  • Don’t forget the importance of nutrition to supplement your chest workout and to obtain the best results.
  • For an advanced chest workout routine, the concentration can shift from increasing size to actually developing shape and separation between the muscles.A proper demarcation between the upper and lower chest as well as clearly visible chest striations should now become the prime focus. For this, certain additions have to be made to the basic chest workout, with new exercises such as pullovers, cable crossovers, dips, burn out sets and also supersets.Also keep in mind that if your chest is a weak point in your over all physique then you need to pay more attention to it with priority training and weak point training.
  • The same fact that is true for beginners is also true for more advanced chest workouts – increasing weights with every set or progressive resistance is the best way to actually build muscle mass. An equally important thing for a good chest workout routine is the need to stretch between sets.