All the Right Reasons to Choose Isokinetic Exercise

In our days there are three kinds of exercises that have become very popular: the isometric exercise, isokinetic exercise and the isotonic exercise. So… what is the isokinetic work out?

At the beginning they have been known as accommodating resistance exercises. They are performed with special kinds of equipment, which offer variable resistance to the same movement. The main point is that no matter how much work it takes, the speed of the movement should be constant.

Isokinetic ExerciseThe isokinetic kinds of exercises are used to test and strengthen the muscles and endurance, especially in case someone has suffered an injury.

The central idea of the isokinetic kinds of exercises is that the muscle contraction should be as big as possible, but in the same time there should be a range of movements in the limbs.

There are two main types of isokinetic exercises. The first of them is known as the Dynamometer.

This machine is similar to the clinicians, and in this case the speed is controlled while the resistance is variable based on the force of the movement. Regardless of the force that the person in question applies, the speed of the exercise does not change.

In case of the second type of the exercises of isokinetic kind there is a change in the moment arm of the resistance. The settings of the machines used by people are made according to the average strength curves of the different joint movements.

Although up to now only special machines have been mentioned, the same kinds of exercises regarding isokinetic workout could be performed with the help of a stationary cycle. In case of using the cycle, you will allow only a certain number of revolutions per minute, and this way you will be able to set the level of resistance.

Also the person in question won’t be able to pedal too fast. After he or she gets used to the isokinetic exercise, more resistance could be added.

There are numerous different advantages and benefits that the exercises of the isokinetic workouts have. One of them is that since you control the resistance, you can set the level of resistance as high as you want, and so you can challenge the body without pushing the muscles of the arm or leg into getting injured.

Through these exercises you will be able to maximize the effects of the workouts.

An unexpected advantage of these exercises is that they support the release of endorphins into the blood stream. This means that although you feel fatigued after working out, because of the endorphins you will be feeling energetic and rejuvenated.

Due to the isokinetic kinds of exercises, it might become easier to perform the exercises of your daily workout schedule. In case you perform the exercises on a regular basis, you will observe some changes on your abdomen, chest and buttocks, although these areas aren’t directly affected.

One could say that it is too bad that the isokinetic exercise gained popularity this late, because there are a lot of people who could have benefited from it for ages.