Circuit Training Is Different From Other Workouts!

Many people do not realize what circuit training is and that it can be beneficial to them. The circuit training goal is keeping yourself moving and allowing you to take minimum breaks between exercises.

If you want to take rest, take ten seconds to walk around and start again. If you are short on time, combine cardio and strength training as it is a great way in circuit training.

Circuit training routines are obviously different from other workouts you are following.Circuit Training

It works to keep pushing your body aerobically while challenging your power levels. It improves your overall fitness. Circuit training techniques have many variations, but here it is given a general idea how circuit training routines work.

Circuit training routines:

Lunges: By standing in split stance, keep your right foot in front. Knees should be bent and body should be lowered into lunge position.

The right knee should be kept behind the toe, torso should be upright and abs should be in for thirty seconds. Switch legs for thirty seconds and hold weights for added intensity.

Squats: Stand with your feet together. The right should be brought up and the leg should be extended in a front kick. Lower down into low squat position means knees should be behind toes and kick with left leg. Repeat the exercise with alternate legs for one to three times.

Back extension: Lie on a ball with face down and legs extended. The hands should be behind the head or under the chin.

Roll down over the ball and squeeze your lower back to lift the chest off the ball in a straight line. Lower down and repeat the exercise for thirty to sixty seconds.

If you are a beginner, thorough warm up, stretch and demonstration exercises are needed. You have to perform all the exercises under the instructor’s guidance.

Beginner can take short pauses between each exercise. After circuit training workout, cool down and stretching are compulsory. Circuit training can be included two to four times a week.

Benefits you get from circuit training routines:

  • As you constantly improve through the workout, you can keep the heart rate up and get the benefits similar to the persons who work on treadmill. But, to keep boredom away, you have to stimulate your mind constantly.
  • As your rest period is shorter, the amount of testosterone released increases and helps for your muscle growth.
  • Circuit training routines are excellent to develop good strength and toned body. The rotational activity involved in this training is an excellent fat burner.
  • There is no need to spend long hours at gym as you can move through this workout quickly.
  • As circuit training comprises of variety of resistance exercises and high intensity cardio exercises, your strength and endurance can be improved.
  • Athletes require basic strength training to correct muscle imbalances that occur with competitive sports. Circuit training workout is an alternative for maximum recovery of muscle groups.
  • Athletes require good strength endurance for effective performance in sports. Therefore, this training session helps to meet their specific needs. Cardiovascular element is developed by keeping rest intervals short and more work can be completed for a longer period.

You can get maximum results in minimum time with circuit training routines.