Compound Exercises To Workout Several Muscle Groups At A Time!

Compound exercises are multi joint movements that involve several large muscle groups. You can workout three to four muscle groups at a time.

The main benefit of compound exercise is you can workout whole body by performing few exercises in few minutes.

Isolation exercises involve one muscle and only one joint at a time. The idea to perform these exercises is to isolate one muscle group and move from one machine to another until you workout your whole body.

Therefore, when compared to isolation exercises, compound exercises allow lifting heavy weights and working more muscle groups at the same time.compound exercises

Reasons to prefer compound exercises:

  • More calories are burned during workout as more muscle groups are used.
  • Helps in allowing full body workout quicker.
  • Joint stability and muscle balance across the joint will be improved.
  • Lets you to workout longer with less muscle exhaustion.
  • Heavier loads can be lifted and more strength can be built

There are different compound exercises that work on several muscle groups at a time.

Deadlifts: Deadlifts involve more muscles [Building Muscles] than other exercises. Deadlifts also strengthen your lower back muscles. Performing this exercise in improper way and too much weight can make your lower back muscles to shorten quickly and the ligaments will also become loose. Therefore, it results in muscle spasm and severe pain.

Keep your back straight, head up and start lifting with legs and glutes driving the bar up. Arms are used as hooks for holding the bar, but not for lifting them. Exhale as you rise with weight. While bending to grip the bar, knees should be kept over toes. The bar should be kept close to your body during the lift for attaining maximum strength.

Bench press: Bench press works on chest muscles called pectoral muscles. It also works on secondary muscles called triceps [Tricep Exercises] and shoulder muscles. Lie down on a flat bench by keeping your feet flat on the floor. Hold the barbell slightly wider than your shoulder width.

The bar should be lifted from the rack and arms should be extended above your chest fully. Now, slowly lower the bar until it touches your mid chest. Press back the bar to the starting position.

Dip: You can develop triceps, pectorals and shoulders with this powerful exercise. Two parallel bars are necessary at specific height and you have to hold with your arms both the sides of the bar such that your body can be elevated when you do it.

Lower your body and bend the elbows not lower than ninety degrees as it can create too much stress on your shoulders. Now, raise the body to the initial position. When your body is inclined more to the front, focus will be on chest muscles and when you keep your body straight, target will be more on triceps.