Dance Aerobics For The Beginners

Dance aerobics incorporate exercises with variety of dance forms such as jazz, ballet and disco which include funk, step and powering the rump.

Some people who are not interested in dance think that why to join classes to learn dancing.

The aerobic exercises will tone your body, increase flexibility, enforce staying power and add volume.

In the beginning you may feel difficult to perform those steps but you will learn slowly and in the meantime you can burn off the calories.

Dance aerobics can be performed while listening to music. Combining music with exercise provides a wonderful enjoyment and motivation in performing the aerobics

After joining dance aerobics classes, you will understand how important it is to join dance aerobics.

Dance aerobics increases the metabolism while improving balance. It increases your heart muscles while increasing oxygen levels at the same time. It gives great mind and body workout.

The dance aerobics steps are usually measured in beats. It is usually a count of 32 or 64. But is important not to worry about the count. Your instructor will take care and follow your instructor. Just remember to perform in segments of four and eight.

In low impact aerobic dancing there is no jumping around. Low impact aerobic dancing is good if you are pregnant, overweight or older. Low impact workouts are good but they are not strenuous to improve performance of your lungs and heart if you are already fit. High impact exercises involve more jumping action and more difficult body movements that require assured amount of energy and rhythm.

The dance aerobics include stepping forward on one foot while raising the knees simultaneously on the other leg. The other dance aerobic step includes marching in place, twirling, moving the feet and spinning.

Before starting dance aerobics, you have to choose proper footwear and clothing. Proper footwear helps in avoiding injuries. The body sweats during exercise, therefore wear loose and weightless clothes during exercise. Dancing on the wrong type of floor can lead to injury. You should not dance on the floor which is extremely sticky or slick.

Dance aerobics help in losing weight and helps in building muscles. Aerobic cross training exercise is also beneficial for your muscles. Hip-hop aerobics is a dance aerobic which mixes together funk with contemporary dance. The dance aerobics includes the usage of high energy dance while working out the complete body.

Dance aerobics benefits:

  • It reduces tension and stress [Stress relief technique]
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles without hurting your joints.
  • It builds your self confidence.
  • It tones your entire body.
  • It increases your flexibility and stamina.

Before starting dance aerobics, consider some important points:

  • If you are feel pain in the chest when you are performing the exercise.
  • If you lose balance because of giddiness or if you are losing consciousness.
  • If your doctor has advised not to perform the exercise as you have risk of heart disease.
  • If you are taking drugs for heart disease or blood pressure.

If you are facing any of the above problems, it is better to start dance aerobics under the guidance of a physician.