Different Types Of Pushups To Build Your Upper Body Strength!

Push-up is a great exercise to build upper body strength and maintain good physique and perfect figure.

It is a fantastic workout because it has several different variations. It involves muscles somewhat differently and keeps you away from getting bored with routine workouts.

Before we go further about push-up variations, it is most essential to focus on the two basic points–maintain a straight line right from the heels to the head and touch the chest to the ground.

While push-ups can be practiced with or without the use of technical equipment, here let us go through few push-ups that require no technical equipment and you can easily practice at home.pushups

Basic push-up

  • Start by lying down on the floor with your chest facing down. Position the palms flat on the ground with shoulder-width apart and feet together. Ensure that your legs and back are in a straight line.
  • By looking forward, push your body down and as you go down, touch the floor using your chin.
  • While rising up, make sure that you don’t bend your back and also that you breathe out constantly.
  • Take a gap and repeat the workout.

Push ups on the backs of the hands/wrists

  • Start the workout by lying down on the floor placing the hands beneath the chest and its back touching the floor.
  • Under this position, do ten to fifteen pushups
  • Get back fast enough to the normal position in the reverse way.
  • Restart the session with a little gap in between and do a minimum of ten push-ups per session.

Fingertip push up

  • Start the push-up by getting both hands in the shape of bear claws.
  • Keep the hands at a distance of three feet apart.
  • Follow the steps as discussed in the basic push-ups.
  • Make the push-up even more difficult by lifting the fingers off the floor.

Ballistic push up

  • This type of push-up simply involves the basic push-up steps but needs to come up very fast so that you can clap both hands jointly before going down.
  • To make the push-up even more challenging, turn the body around prior to lowering down again.

One handed push up

  • Start the push-up by spreading both legs shoulder-width apart while keeping one hand beneath the chest (at the center) and the other (free hand) at the back.
  • Follow the steps of basic push-ups and do at least five times, with each hand.
  • Overdoing this form of push-up can lead to heavy strain on the elbow.
  • Take a pause and repeat the workout by changing the hand.

Slow push-ups

  • Start by lying down in push up position while keeping the chest on the floor.
  • Raise the chest up about six inches off the floor and hold the position for at least a count of ten.
  • Now raise your complete body up about two inches and hold the position for at least a count of ten.
  • Continue the workout by lifting two inches each time and holding for a count of ten as many times as you can maintain.
  • For a change, get down for a while and repeat the workout.