Don’t Ignore The Guidelines While Performing Medicine Ball Exercise!

The important tool which leads to the development of specific power in sports is medicine ball exercise.

Various types of exercises can be performed with a medicine ball depending on your necessity and flexibility.

Basically these medicine ball exercises will be performed by different sports persons of different fields such as tennis, baseball, athletics, football, basketball, rugby, net ball, soccer, racket, squash ball, and volleyball.

You have to follow certain guidelines before performing these medicine ball exercises:

  • You have to do warm up exercise for at least 15 minutes before starting these medicine ball exercises.Medicine Ball Exercise
  • Plenty of space is required to perform these medicine ball exercises. So, you must look out for sufficient place to perform these exercises.
  • While performing these exercises you have to focus more on movement and speed.
  • The medicine ball which is chosen for practicing exercises must not be too heavy because the movements will slow down if you perform the exercises with heavy medicine ball.
  • Be careful while performing throwing exercises and don’t perform hyperextension during throwing exercises.

Here are some sample medicine ball exercises:

Figure of eights:

  • Your forearms and knees will become strong and flexible by performing this exercise daily for at least 15 minutes.
  • To start this exercise, you have to hold the medicine ball with your hands and start moving it in the figure of “8” from right shoulder to the end of your left foot.
  • You have to bend your knees while performing this exercise.

Russian twists:

  • To perform this medicine ball exercise, stand straight by keeping your two feet hip-width apart.
  • Hold the medicine ball in your hands by slightly bending your arms.
  • Now swing the ball forcefully from right hip to the left side.
  • Perform this same swinging in the opposite direction i.e. from left hip to the right side.
  • Try to move your stomach as mush as possible while swinging in order to reduce the fat muscle present in it.

Obliques with medicine ball:

  • In this exercise, first you have to lie flat on the floor on your back.
  • Raise the legs from the floor by bending both your knees.
  • Now hold the medicine ball between your two legs and rotate the legs to one side.
  • Come to the initial position and rotate again to the opposite side.
  • You can perform as many repetitions as possible until you feel that you are unable to perform this exercise.
  • The leg muscles and the side muscles of your body will get strong and tightened by performing this exercise regularly for 15 to 30 minutes.