Double Chin Exercises that Can Work for You

First and foremost one has to understand that one can do all the double chin exercises in the world and never get rid of your double chin or jowls, so long you are overweight and carry around a lot of excess fat all over the body.

double chin exercisesIf however you are committed to an effective fitness or weight loss program that will help you shed overall excess weight, then double chin exercises will be an effective adjunct to the program that will help you get a leaner and more attractive face.

So if you shed overall weight, the right double chin exercises will help improve your double chin situation. Given below are some effective double chin exercises that will help you further reduce a double chin or heavy jowls –

Double chin exercises – No 1. Sight up straight and tilt the head back. Then pull your lower jaw up and forward to press your lips together.

Feel the stretch in your neck muscles and hold the position for two seconds before releasing and then repeating about 30 times each day. This is an exercise that can be performed even when you work at your computer or as you watch TV.

Double chin exercises – No 2.  Open the mouth up very wide and then extend the lower jaw up, so that the lower teeth extend up over the upper lip, but not so much that you strain the jaw.

You can perform 10 to 15 reps several times a day. After completing the reps use the finger tips to lightly tap the underside of the jaw firmly but gently.

Double Chin exercises – No 3. Put the palms of your hands to your forehead or the temple and create resistance with the head and the neck. You should feel the muscles of the chin and the neck working. Then put your palms to the back of the head and create similar resistance to work out the neck and chin muscles.

Double chin exercises – No 4. Lie on your back (do this last thing at night as you go to bed) – press your chin to your chest and hold the position for a couple of seconds then release and then repeat after tilting the head back. Do about 25 reps.

Double chin exercises – No 5. This one can be done each time you wash your face or when in the bath or shower. Tilt the head back and using face wash or soap, massage the entire neck area using upward massaging motions. This helps to tone the neck muscles as well.