Easy To Do Exercises For Severe Knee Pain!

Your knee pain should not end the physical activity.

Strengthening the muscles that support the knee with knee exercises is the most important aspect to protect your knees from getting injured.

Fatigued and weak muscles cannot support the knee joint or absorb shock before it gets to the knee and the additional stress sited on your knee can cause injury to the knee structure.

So, practicing strengthening exercises can make the muscles tight. It is better to do the strength exercises along with stretching exercises.

The muscles that support your knee need to be stretched with proper stretching exercises.knee exercises

While you practice the stretching knee exercises, make sure that you do slowly and not overstretch.

Gradually, you need to increase the duration of exercise in order to prevent knee pain and injuries.

Here are the exercises that help to maintain variety of motion or recover loss of movement in the knee region and also control your pain. These workouts are simple and not magical in any way.

Practice each exercise slowly for five times and take rest for short time in between each set of movements.

1. Quadriceps tensing

The main muscle which controls your knee is quadriceps. Normal knee functioning can only be achieved with strong quadriceps muscles.

These muscles should be sturdy and well co-ordinated. Your knee stability greatly depends on these muscles only.

Quadriceps and buttocks are the main muscles which allow you to walk up and down stairs, walk normally and get up from the chair.

Lie down and stretch your legs. Stiffen the thigh muscles and try to push the knee down and lift your heel. Hold the position for few seconds. Don’t stiffen the buttock muscles. You can observe the muscles on the front side of your thigh stiffening up.

You can able to do this exercise with self-managing of your knee problems.

2. Inner range contraction

This is the best exercise to activate the quadriceps muscles. Whenever you do this workout, the correct muscles need to work.

Put a small object beneath your knee like a rolled up towel. Put your knee on the rolled towel when you raise your heel. Try to get your knee totally straight without lifting your knee on the roll. Practicing this correctly makes your quadriceps muscles to contract properly.

If you feel difficult with this, it is better to start with a larger roll so that you can easily lift the heel up.

3. Straight leg raise

This exercise greatly stresses your hip and also its muscles, but this is very useful.

Lie down and keep your legs stretched. By keeping your knee straight, lift your leg up six inches from the floor.

4. Knee bending

Bending the knee is very essential in your normal life. You need to bend your knee by 70 degrees for a normal walk and 110 degrees to walk on the stairs.

Practice knee bending until you can easily do. Make sure that you reach to the end of the workout. Keep the position for few seconds and then straighten the leg and repeat the same.

5. Prone knee bending

Lie down with your front. Bend your knee as much as you can by keeping the thigh down on the floor. You will feel this step a little bit difficult, because one of your knee muscles is tensed on the front.

Practicing these exercises daily can make a great improvement with your knee pain.