Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphs are skinny and thin. They are mostly rated and described as smaller in stature, even underweight, thin or slimmer than most of the other categories.

Their shoulder widths are same as their hips. They don’t have greater strength or endurance. Characterized as more artistic, sensitive, self-aware and socially reserved by nature and conscious choosing.

The body weight of an ectomorph is low. As body fat and lean muscle mass are low, their BMI score is very low.

The skeletal muscle density is high. The factors which prevent normal weight gain and muscular development are appetite and metabolism.

New muscle growth is a frustrating challenge for this body type and weight gain is equally hard to achieve. Swimmers, marathon runners and basket ball players fall into this category.ectomorph

The ectomorph is extended in space and linear. Their ribs are visible and delicate. Their upper arms and thighs are weak. Their toes, fingers and neck are long. Their face features are sharp and the face is triangular.

The skin is dry and tends to burn and peel easily and not retain a tan. Due to the body type, they suffer from extreme hot or cold. Their hair is fast growing and baldness is rare.

Ectomorphs are very skinny through the entire life, as they are born with super fast metabolism. They eat whatever they want, whenever they want and never gain fat and weight. The quick metabolism and genetics makes it extremely hard for an ectomorph to gain weight and muscle.

Ectomorph characteristics:

  1. Ectomorphs contain very low body fat percentage
  2. They have ultra fast metabolism
  3. Thin, lean and very linear-type appearance and physique
  4. Stays slim easily
  5. They have narrow waist, hips and shoulders
  6. low and lean muscle weight
  7. Lack shape

How to identify and know ectomorph body type?

  1. They have an extremely hard time gaining weight of any significance
  2. They do not bulk up of showcase their muscularity well at all
  3. They then to be described as slim, thin or of smallish build and stature
  4. They are built in direct proportion, with little variation
  5. Training and activity is a top priority for them
  6. They care deeply about their physical condition and appearance
  7. They want to be healthy and look thin
  8. They gain and lose a lot of weight – have no consistent weight ‘range’

Ectomorphs should increase the number of calories in their diet. They should eat frequently for every two to three hours. They should include high percentage of proteins and carbohydrates in their diet. An ectomorph should workout with power lifting and should take rest in between workouts. Recovery is essential for this type of body growth. They should include vitamins in their diet. Get nutrition vitamins from the food you eat daily.