Effective Yet Simple Techniques For Exercising Your Stomach

It can be frustrating living with stomach fat. When you sit down you can feel the rolls overlapping or you can feel it rubbing against your clothes. If you have stomach fat you may feel uncomfortable and unattractive.

This is why it is important you take action now to get results. In fact you deserve congratulations if you are finally considering a weight loss program.

Everyone looks online at one time or another for stomach toning exercises and solid guidance. As with any type of exercise it is important that you talk to a professional first and do proper warm ups in order to avoid injuring yourself.


Crunches are simple, but they can also be difficult. Basically you are trying to push your stomach towards your spine. Since this requires you to use muscles you haven’t typically activated it can be difficult at first. Either lie or kneel on your stomach at first. Try both positions to see which is better for this exercise.

Relax your body as best as possible and then try to use just the lower abdominals to move your belly button towards your spine. Hold for ten seconds and if this seems easy then hold for a longer time.

You want to hold the contraction until you can’t feel it or until you feel the other muscles working harder than the transverse muscles. At this time you can release your hold.

Toe Touches

For this exercise it is best to lie flat. You should have a towel or mat to cushion your back. Stretch your feet into the air and extend your right arm while using your lower abdominals to lift your shoulders off the floor.

Use your right hand to touch your left toes and then bend down again. Repeat this with the opposite hand. Keep your knees straight and don’t allow your chin to touch your chest.

Sit-Up Hold

While you’re still on the ground try this next exercise. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor with your hands behind your head. Make sure you can’t see your elbows. Lift your shoulders from the floor using your lower abdominal muscles.

There are a number of isometric exercises that you can find on the internet to work the stomach muscles. Many sites even offer you a step by step guide to performing these exercises along with plus-points. Just remember that any good workout plan needs to include different types of movements so you can work a variety of stomach muscles.

Doing isometric exercises come with a variety of advantages and disadvantages. You can do these exercises anywhere you want and you don’t have to worry about equipment which makes them easy to do for busy individuals.

However, the main disadvantages include the fact that they can limit the muscles you work. But for many individuals the power and strength that these exercises give them are enough to work.