Endomorph Body type

Endomorph is bulky and chubby with a slower digestive system. Individuals that fall into this category typically are prone to being somewhat overweight. From a personality perspective, endomorphs are perceived to be more easy-going, tolerant and creatures of comfort, routine and habit. They love food and the company of others and often eat/exercise for the shared experience and being around/with others. Obsesity rates tend to be higher in these categories and eating for socializing is a main motivator.

Endomorph body type have a tendency to settle fat into lower regions of the body, mainly lower abdomen, thighs and hips rather than being distributed evenly throughout the body. Endomorphs contain small to medium bones, limbs that are shorter in relation to your trunk and musculature that is not defined.

A male endomorph have a different fat distribution tendency pattern from a female endomorph. In female endomorphs, fat is collected in legs, hips and buttts. In male endomorphs, fat is collected in their abdomen. According to the research, fat deposited at abdominal area is dangerous than fat in the butt and leg area. This is mainly due to the risk of heart disease and an increased risk of cancers, blood pressure and diabetes.

Certain occurrence and prevalance of conditions like addiction, substance abuse, depression, bipolar and panic attacks/mental health disorders, discsomforts and being overweight, unhealthy, carrying extra pounds around, tend to all be more commonly found amongst this group of individuals.

Endomorph characteristics:

  1. Visible and large amounts of excess body fat especially around the waist, hips and thighs.
  2. Seen and deemed by others as typically large and stocky, chubby with large joints and a big bone structure
  3. pudgy, set, fat or chubby, egg-shaped, round often used to describe this BT (body type)
  4. Often get discouraged if the results are not there, leading to additional frustration and disappointment.
  5. Letting themselves go, giving in to cravings and ravished appetites, indulgences and extra calorie intake that they do not necessarily need
  6. Even deeming themselves heavy-set, prone to obesity at times, struggling to keep weight down
  7. Biggest challenge is losing weight and keeping fat off. Harder for longer is the motto when it comes to exercising for results and sustainable success in these areas of well-being, fitness, overall health and optimal conditioning.

How to identify and know endomorph body type:

  1. They may not be able to lose any weight or body fat quickly, easily or without concentrated effort.
  2. Their physical appearance is one of curvy, chubby, huggable mass!
  3. Their body fat is very visible all over their body
  4. They do not want to exercise too much, for fear of looking more bulky or heavier than they actually are
  5. Their muscle mass grows and accumulates quickly if they do work out
  6. Others think they are fit – they do not necessarily agree.
  7. They do not enjoy or want to do more/any weight training
  8. When they look in the mirror, they remind themselves of a pear – their body is shaped like that, more rounded at the bottom!
  9. They are soft and somewhat chubby