Exercise for Woman

A woman does not need to join a gym or any exercise program for a firm, toned and a trim body.

You engage in different strenuous long term physical activities daily.

You can turn on the music box and throw the arms over your head with your feet slightly apart and ready to stretch up.

With your arms extended over your head, you can stretch to the right and then to the left. It is important to warm up before joining in intense exercising.

There are many exercises a woman can workout at home whenever she finds time. Here are few exercises you can workout.exercise for woman


Triceps push downs are another exercise you can perform to improve the shape and size of your arms.

You need to sit on the edge of a strong chair or bench to perform this exercise.

Place your hands next to you on the edge of the chair with your fingers pointed forward. Then lift your back off the chair and bend down toward the floor. Gently raise back up again. This is an excellent exercise for toning the arms.

Bicep curls:

You can perform bicep curls safely and easily. If you don’t have a set of barbells, you can get from your local sporting good store. Alternatively you can lift empty milk jugs filled with water. When performing bicep curls, you want to make sure you raise the weights one at a time, in a controlled motion. Lowering is just as important if not more important than lifting the weight. You should perform bicep curls on the same days you do triceps, so you evenly spread the weight bearing exercise to your arms.

Toe touches:

Toe touches will slim the waist. To begin, keep the feet slightly apart, bounce on the heels and shake the shoulders at the same time. After doing sixteen counts raise the arms over the hand and bring them down right to the floor, to the side, up, to the center, and down left.

Hip Twists:

The hip twists include placing one foot out, while turning to the side, and leaning backward, while pushing the hips out simultaneously. Bring the foot backward and do the same on the other foot.


You merely hop, kick, hop, kick and adhere to the routine on both foots. This is a teaser set of exercise routines that will get you started. You can lose weight, tone the body, increase the hearts function and firm the body.

Push ups:

Push ups tone the arms and shoulders. You have to do at least 10 to 20 push ups every day. Once you build up the stamina, you can increase the push ups you perform each week. You may have trouble performing standard push up but you can perform a modified push up. To perform a modified push up, simply push up from your knees to your arms instead of placing your weight on your hands and feet. You can perform a push up in this position.

Swing the arms:

Stand straight with your arms above your head and your legs slightly apart, swing your arms down to the left, up, and down to the right. Do this four times and do two more side stretches once you finish.

Weight Loss and Arm Training:

If you want to lose weight, you should combine your strength training program with intense cardiovascular regimen at least 4 times every week. You have to watch your diet also.

You can lose weight by reducing your meal portions and eating six smaller meals rather than large ones every day. This is most effective way to lose weight because it stimulates your metabolism to work efficiently. Instead of taking large meals, your metabolism will constantly work to provide energy and fuel to the body if you take six mini meals.

You have to keep up your exercise program to maintain good results. You can take help of your friends or family members to workout your exercise program efficiently