Exercise Workout To Improve Functional Ability In All Areas Of Daily Life At The Age Of Fifty

Worried about your age? You can improve functional ability in all areas of daily life at the age of fifty by following a proper exercise workout.

You can work on cardiovascular activities, strength training, cobras, crunches, balance and core moves.

Different exercise workouts to improve functional ability:

Out of six days, work for four days on cardiovascular activities [Cardio exercise equipment].

You can select any exercise workout you are interested like swimming, biking, elliptical trainer or aerobics.exercise workout

You should workout for forty five minutes for maximum benefit. Before starting any exercise workout you have to warm up, cool down and stretch.

You can warm up by simply walking for two to three minutes. In the same way you can cool down. After warm up, stretch your muscles to prevent injuries during exercise workout.

Strength training:
Out of six days, allot minimum two days for weight training. You can also cut down one cardio day and include that day also with weights. Strength training helps you to prevent from osteoporosis.

If you are already suffering from osteoporosis, strength training helps your body to reverse the effects. If you have never worked with strength training, you have to go for a personal trainer to learn the weight training in proper form.

If you are weak, it is advised to select a professional to help you in performing exercise workout in a safe and effective manner.

Lie on your stomach and keep your hands flat on the floor by your ears. Lift your upper body up from the ground and hold it for a count of two without using your hands. If you are unable to do this, you can use your hands to help a little bit.

Breathe while performing the exercise workout. If you are a beginner, start with one set. If are in advanced stage, do two sets to start and work up for three.

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head and look at the ceiling. Pull your shoulder blades up off the floor by looking up at the ceiling. Lower yourself back down slowly.

Do as many times as you can comfortably in 15 seconds. This is one set. If you are a beginner, start with one set. If you are in advanced stage, start with two sets and work up for three.

Balance and core moves:
You should work on balance and core exercises two to three times a week on the same days you do your weight training. This exercise workout protects from falls that break bones.

Start slowly and increase the intensity gradually. Make out the workouts harder gradually. Be consistent and never give up the exercise workout after few days.