Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you are looking for exercises for neck and shoulder pain, there are a lot of exercises that you could consider. It is important for you to perform them slowly and in a controlled manner. After a while you should notice that the pain is gradually decreasing.

Advice for exercises for shoulder and neck pain

exercises-for-neck-and-shoulder-painWhen performing these exercises you should move slowly and smoothly because the secret is control and precision. It is also important for the jaw and mouth to be relaxed. The lips should be pressed together, with the teeth slightly apart and your tongue should be resting on the roof of your mouth.

When performing exercises for pain in the neck and shoulder you should hold your shoulders down and back and they should be relaxed at all times. When moving, you should move the same distance to both directions. If there is some stiffness, you should move slowly and carefully into the stiffness.

Chin nod for neck and shoulder pain

In case of this exercise you should gently nod your head. You should feel the muscles while performing the movement. Stop the movement right before the front muscles harden. Hold position for about 5 seconds and then return to the initial position. Repeat the movement 10 times.

Head rotation

Just as the name suggests in case of this exercise for pain in the shoulder and neck, you have to turn your head from one side to the other. Your aim should be for your chin to be in line with your shoulder. You should perform this exercise progressively. Perform up to 10 reps.

Shoulder blade exercise

If you are thinking about exercises for neck and shoulder pain you should start by lying on your right side, with your arm resting on pillows. Roll the left shoulder blade across the ribs moving towards your back’s center. Hold this position for about 5 seconds and then return to the starting position. Perform the exercise on the other side as well.

Posture correction

This exercise could also help with aches in the neck and shoulder. Whenever you need it, you should correct your posture by straightening the pelvis and lower back. Then draw the shoulder blades downwards and back.

There are a lot of exercises that could help you with neck and shoulder pain. Try them all to find those that help you.