Exercises To Increase Strength Of Legs

Whether you are trying to achieve your fitness goals or training for sports like running, increasing your leg strength is very important and also it is very beneficial for overall health as well.

For improving your leg strength, there are certain leg strengthening exercises, which you have to practice regularly.

Even few lower body exercises can help you to increase your leg strength.

Few leg strengthening exercises

Heel slide: Lie on your back and bend your knee. Now, slowly slide heel of your leg up towards buttock. Try to slide your heel as possible as you can, but don’t force yourself.

Hold in this position for few seconds and then slowly come back to original position. Repeat this for several times according to body ability, with one leg at a time.

Quad press: Lie back on your exercise mat or floor and try to press back portion of your knee flat against the floor.

Now, hold in this position for almost 10 seconds. After 10 seconds slowly release your knees, practice this exercise regularly for good leg strength.

Hamstring strengthening: Lie on your stomach and raise one of your legs backwards, almost 12 inches. Now, hold in this position for 10 seconds and slowly come back to original position. Repeat the same process with other leg as well and repeat it for several times.