Exercises To Train Biceps At Home

The basic movements for performing biceps exercise are curls. Bicep curls can be done by either sitting on a chair or standing. However, you need a pair of dumb bells to perform bicep exercises at home.

There are two significant ways to perform biceps workouts at home that can completely enhance your biceps development.

One way is through using different grips and the other is through putting your biceps on stretch, which can lead to stronger contractions during the lifting phase. Here are a few ways to train your biceps at home.

Dual dumb bell hammer curl

Before you start, stand erect and hold a pair of dumb bells by your sides with your palms facing each other.

Now, without turning your wrists and not allowing the elbows to move forward, curl both the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Extend your elbows to slowly return to the initial position.

Alternate dumb bell curls

Take a dumb bell in each hand and hold them to your sides. Lift the weight in one of your arms slowly and place your arm perpendicular to the floor. Next, twist your arms towards the range of motion and then try to curl the weight towards your shoulder. Remember to stand erect while performing and focus at the point of contraction.

When your arm descends to the floor, simultaneously start curling or lifting the opposite arm. While performing alternate dumb bell curls, remember that when one of your arms reaches the initial point on one side, the opposite arm should be contracting at the top. Practice these curls for three sets of 15 for good biceps.