Exercising At Seventy Can Be A Life Saver

It’s true that exercising at seventy can be really a life saver.

You can prevent cardiovascular disease when you perform cardiovascular exercises regularly with healthy diet (Cardio exercise equipment).

You can improve your balance by strength training exercises.

Exercising strengthens your bones and you are less likely to fall. If you fall, it is less likely to break your bones. Even though exercising lengthens your life span and improve the quality of life, many people don’t do it.

People say all kinds of excuses for not exercising. People over sixty often say excuses like ‘I am too old’, ‘I am tired’ or ‘I am having medical condition. But the fact is all the medical conditions can be improved with regular exercising. It is hard to exercise if you are in pain from a recent knee surgery or other surgeries (Exercising when sick).exercising

Many people do not like exercising. In olden days people used to work hard to get food to eat. Now it is not hard to find food these days. No need to leave your house for food.

As there are home deliveries and fast foods available, there is no need to work hard or go outside to get the food. Your body does not get minimum exercise because of the availability of things readily.

Therefore it is essential to exercise and get moving even if you have a medical condition. If you are suffering from arthritis, one cold wind can leave you aching and limping. Exercising looks like something that can cause a flare up.

Yes, it causes flare up if you overdo it. It is the fact that exercise is an excellent way to prevent and treat arthritis. Exercising is not a cure but it is the part of treatment plan.

Check with your doctor and talk to him before you start exercising. Your doctor suggests a physical therapist who develops an exercise program for you. You can ask for guidelines from your doctor and therapist to do it safely.

Ask your doctor and physical therapist on what to do and how to do.

Range of motion exercises: range of motion exercises helps you to maintain normal joint movements and relieve stiffness. You can use the joints properly as these exercises increases your flexibility.

Aerobic exercises: When you perform aerobic exercises and eat right, you lose weight. You can take excess pressure from the joints when you lose weight. Aerobic exercises can also reduce the inflammation in some joints.

Strengthening exercises: These exercises help to maintain or restore the muscle strength. If muscle strength is increased, the strong muscles protect and support joints affected by arthritis. Your body is kept in alignment by strong muscles so that you don’t twist or tear the tendons and ligaments that hold your joints together.

Exercising at seventy helps you to be away from diseases like diabetes, strokes, cancer and heart disease. Regular exercising decreases your cholesterol levels, improves your mental health and reduces the risk of blood pressure.

If you are already suffering from these diseases, exercising helps to reduce these diseases and can even reverse them.