Exercising Outdoors Can Be Fun

Outdoor exercising does not have to be a boring routine involving standing or sitting in one spot.

There is a whole other side of outdoor exercise that you may want to explore. These are not your typical exercises like lunges, hill climbing, or jumping rope.

What better place is there than outside amongst the elements to exercise?

When you think of exercising outside you think more along the lines of aerobic exercises, but any kind of work or fun that you do outside that uses the muscles in your body, is exercise.

Chopping Wood

Living in the country brings its own type of outdoor exercise, especially if you live on a farm or ranch.

One good exercise, that is actually considered a chore, is chopping wood. This chore (exercise) will work most muscles in your body and you will have chopped enough firewood to warm your home.

Planting a Garden

Planting a garden is something that you can do to get your exercise outside. Planting a garden will be a continual exercise program for you, which will last all summer long.

Bending, stooping, and getting up and down from a knee position in your garden, will give you a vigorous workout. By the time you get your whole garden planted, weeded, and picked during the summer your body will be in good physical shape.


Walking the meadows on a farm to find a lost animal can become its own form of exercise regimen. You may have to walk for miles over rough terrain, slopes that go uphill and downhill, and through rocky creek beds. All of this strenuous walking will give your whole body a good workout.

Hauling Hay

Hauling hay is a common occurrence on a farm or ranch. You will have to haul hay out of multiple fields. Bales of hay can weigh several pounds. Lifting bales of hay up and down and over your head all day will make you feel like you have been lifting weights in a weight room.

You will be exercising your arms, legs, back, and your stomach during this chore. The sweating of your body, out in the hot sun, will help you to lose weight. It will feel like you are in a sauna.

Fun Side

You will also enjoy the fun side of exercising on a farm or ranch. The winter will provide you with several forms of exercising. An afternoon of throwing snowballs and running away from your friends and family will work out your muscles, and stretch out certain parts of your body. [Fun Exercises]

Another fun exercise in the snow is to go sledding. If the snow is deep and slick enough you may want to try your skill at sledding down a hill. Getting on and off the sled and climbing back up the hill will provide additional exercise for you.

All these outdoor exercises will bring you out of the rut of everyday, and you will have a lot of fun doing them.