Exercising with a Doorway Pull Up Bar

A lot of people have gym memberships and they seldom use them because it takes a lot of time to get to the gym.

If this is your case, you should equip your home and for this you can consider a doorway pull up bar.

This is an inexpensive solution and it offers you the possibility to perform upper and lower body exercises.

Doorway Pull Up Bar

Fitting of the pull up bar on the doorway

One of the most important things that you have to consider when thinking about this piece of equipment is whether it fits properly to your doorway. Besides this you should also check the weight that it can support, not to mention the sturdiness of the walls and doors.

An interesting thing to consider regarding the doorway bar is that if you put it in a high traffic area, most probably you will use it more often. This means that you should mount the bar in plain sight to be sure that you will be constantly reminded of it.


When looking for a doorway pull up bar you could consider the TKO bar that is suitable for 36 inches wide doors and that offers effective lower and upper body workout. To make sure that the mounting is safe and secure, the bar comes with screws in brackets and it is made of  chrome plated steel.

How to use the bar in the doorway?

For starters you should stand below the bar with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Then jump up and grab the bar with a secure grip. In order to have a balanced position you should cross your ankles and bend your knees. Pull yourself up using the arm muscles until your chin is in level with the bar.

After that, you should go back to the starting position when you have your elbows straight. You should repeat the same movement several times. For the exercise to be efficient your feet shouldn’t be touching the floor. You don’t have to hurry with the movement; make it slow and controlled.

You can’t do it?

If you can’t use the pull up bar for the doorway, there are several things you could do to gain some strength. For instance you could do machine assisted pull-ups.

As you can see, a doorway pull up bar is always useful around the house, and both men and women can use it.