Expert’s Tips For The Perfect Workout!

The experts of The American Physical Therapy Association found that walking is the best and least expensive exercise which is practiced by more number of people.

You can perform this exercise anytime, anywhere, but better results will be seen if you perform it in the morning and evening times regularly.

Here are some of the tips by experts on walking:

  • Get good pair of shoes: Shoes are essential to make your toes feel comfortable while walking. If you don’t have good pair of shoes for walking, get them immediately. Checkout all comfortable levels of the shoes in various aspects before buying; some models of shoes which are specifically made for walking are also available in the market, better get them to attain good comfort levels while walking.Perfect Workout
  • Start slowly: There is one saying i.e. “slow and steady wins the race”, keep this thing in your mind while practicing the exercise. Don’t perform high intensity exercise in the starting day itself. Start slowly and then increase your intensity and time day by day.
  • Concentrate: Try to pay concentration on your exercise while practicing it. Don’t chat or make yourself get disturbed while practicing the exercise. If you feel bored, then it’s ok! Make your company with someone otherwise do it with good concentration. It doesn’t mean that you should not make yourself enjoy while walking. Take your CD-man along with you and listen your favorite song while practicing the exercise. This adds more interest and fun to your exercise.
  • Stay hydrated: While practicing the exercise, make yourself stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 to 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes. Carry your water bottle along with you while going for a walk and don’t make yourself thirstier while doing it.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Right clothing makes you to feel comfortable and happy while doing the exercise. Don’t wear skimpy and tight clothes while going for a walk because these clothes will not encourage you to perform the exercise for longer period of time. They will stick to your skin and make you to feel uncomfortable, if sweat is obtained from your skin. So, always prefer to wear lose and soft clothes while going for a walk.
  • Speed, time and distance: Speed, distance and time are the necessary aspects which have to be considered while practicing walking as an exercise. These three have to be maintained properly to attain better results. They have to be increased slowly depending upon your strength and energy levels.