The Facts on the Skull Crusher Exercise

The skull crusher exercise gets it’s less than favorable name from the fact that you will be lowering weight towards your head during this routine. Many people first learn about this exercise after hearing the name because it’s a name that really grabs that attention of any reader.

This exercise mainly focuses on your triceps, and it is actually quite a favorite among people who like to lift weights and exercise on a routine basis.


The skull crusher exercise is actually quite an interesting way to build muscle because it actually works in the reverse order of most other workout routines. Instead of lifting up the weights over your head, you will actually be lowering them down after they are placed into your extended arms. Like many other exercises that work the triceps, your elbow movement will be key to correct execution of this exercise.

Your arms should be perpendicular when compared to the floor during this exercise, and they should remain in this position throughout the workout. You should lower the bar of the weight you are holding down to a few inches away from your forehead before lifting your arms back up. After the first lift, this exercise becomes rather similar to your normal bench press workout.

Proper execution of the skull crusher exercise

The most important thing to remember when you are attempting the skull crusher exercise is that you need to have an assistant on hand who can help you get started. Your assistant is needed to put the EZ bar or dumbbell in your hands at the very beginning because you are supposed to start with your arms extended as described before. It is basically impossible to complete this exercise without the help of your friends, so make sure that you have someone who can help you try this exercise for the first time.

This exercise is generally used for building muscle, so you will want to make sure you have enough weight to lift during this exercise. Many people don’t lift enough weight when they workout, and that problem really diminishes the amount of muscle you could be building with each lift. If you want to build muscle faster and more rapidly, then you need to make sure that you can push your body to the limit every time you do this exercise.

Don’t hold anything back

Many people hold back on the amount of weight that they are going to lift because they don’t want to put out a lot of energy during their exercise. These people are completely missing the point of exercise in the first place because you will simply have no gain without some pain.

Anyone who wants to gain muscle is going to have to push their body to the limit with their exercise routine because there are no benefits to be gained from a workout that your body can handle with relative ease. Get started with this exercise, but make sure that you push yourself to get stronger.