Details about Fat Burning Exercises for Women

For most of the women the concerns of obesity is not a rare trouble. Our ever changing hormonal levels and fast paced life style pushes us towards bulkier body. We hope to get rid of those bulging tummies, thick thighs, wobbling upper arms and ever widening bums. But only a target specific exercise clubbed with balanced diet can do the magic in the process of fat burning.

It is always advisable to avoid short cuts and look for long term and persistent weight loss. Many fat burning exercises can offer you a tonner and firmer body. Make sure that you take advice from a professional fitness trainer or medical expert before jumping on to any kind of fitness regimen that involves heavy exercises.  Follow your exercise routine religiously and soon you would be free from all the fatty-vows.  Below give are details of various fat burning exercises for women.

Fat Burning Exercises for WomenBest exercises to quickly burn access fat

1.      Running Row: To perform this exercise you may need 3-5 pounds dumbbells. Stand with your feet width apart holding the dumbbells in your right hand pull your right elbow behind and bring dumbbells near your ribs. Stretch the left arm facing the palm in. Bring bent your right knee by hinging forward from your waist. Try to bring your knee towards the chest and attain the tuck posture. Repeat it 10-15 times and try to hold the position as long as you can.

2.      Squat Swing: Stand straight and keep your feet wider than the shoulders. Hold the dumbbell with both the hands and bend in the center of your upper body. Swing dumbbells between your legs and squat keeping your back flat.

3.   Sumo Sky: Keep you stand width apart from the shoulders and stand in front of a kitchen chair. Your toes must angle out and hold one dumbbell in each hand. Over your head straighten both your arms and hands must face each other hugging the head. Try to pull in your belly button to achieve the maximum benefit. With a deep squat drop your tailbone towards the chair and while lowering your body try and bend your elbows fully behind. Squeeze your gluts and inner thighs while you stand up and straighten your body.

4.   Spider Woman: Walk your hands out to the push up position by getting on the hands and knees and come on a plank position by straightening your leg. Draw your left knee up to the outside by pulling it out towards left elbow in the style of Spiderwoman. Try to hover the left foot few centimeters above the floor. Switch sides and complete 10 reps.