Fat Burning Workout program For Maximum Fat Loss!

While exercising, your muscles burn fat and glucose in different proportions.

Depending on how you exercise, muscle burns fat in a larger proportion to glucose.

If you are performing light and easy activity, you can burn much higher percentage of fat.

Oxygen is required to burn fat, which is a slow burning fuel. If sufficient quantity of oxygen is delivered to muscle cells, the cells can easily burn fat for most of its energy requirement.

To succeed with fat burning workout, you have to pay attention to some issues. You should notice the intensity of workout, frequency of workout, motivation and duration of exercise.Fat Burning Workout

Frequency and intensity! The frequency for fat burning workout should be three to five times a week. The present body condition should be maintained by exercising at least twice a week.

Intensity of workout can be determined with a heart rate monitor. You have to set up your intensity for fat burning workout in such a way that the heart rate is kept near the low end of target zone.

Increase the heart rate gradually until it reaches high end of target zone. As your condition is improved, you can go for greater workload. If you feel fatigue or find difficulty in breathing, stop your exercise immediately.

You should stay motivated when you are following fat burning workout. For keeping up motivation, regular and consistent exercise is required. Plan the duration of the workout. The fat burning workout should consist of warm up session, exercise session and cool down session.

Fat burning workout program includes a healthy diet. If you workout without following diet, you cannot burn the fat. You have to follow a low calorie diet to make your body function properly.

Fat burning workouts:

Aerobics: Aerobics is one of the fat burning workouts. Aerobics include cardio workout twice a week for thirty minutes a session. It burns fat and revives your metabolic rate instead of slowing it within no time.

You can increase to four to five sessions per week slowly. Watch out your performance and don’t over train yourself.

Weight training: Many people neglect weight training while fat burning workout. Weight training conditions your muscle mass. Weight training burns calories even after you left the gym. It actually raises your metabolism for hours following your workout.

Squats: Squats are good fat burning workout exercise. Squats can be performed by pretending as if you are going to sit in a chair and then stop at chair level and return to standing level.

Vary your cardio workouts to develop cardiovascular fitness. It also keeps your exercise fun and avoids injuries. The fat burning workouts should be planned in cyclic structure.

This cycling of workout structure helps your body to become more efficient at burning fat. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while exercising. As you workout, you can watch your body without extra fat sooner.