Fighting Fat At Seventies? Start An Exercise program To Lose Weight!

You can start an exercise program at seventies also.

Fat at seventies can lead to diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and blood pressure.

It’s never too late to start an exercise program to lose weight (Weight loss on a busy schedule).

Be consistent when you start the exercise program. If you overdo it, you can’t be consistent.

Exercise intensity should be challenging to you but it should be easy enough to maintain for twenty minutes.

You can start with 10 minute exercise workout in the beginning and work your way up to 45 minutes of exercise. If you have membership in gym, you have to go to gym every day. Increase the speed. Work hard but not too hard.exercise program

Heart rate monitor to start exercise program:

Buy a heart rate monitor before starting an exercise program. It is important to check that you work at a level that is safe and appropriate for you. You can keep track of your exercise workout with heart rate monitor.

If you just check the heart rate monitor, it will tell the need to increase the intensity of workout or to back off the intensity. You want to work out at 60-75% of your total capacity. You cannot check it out while working on a stationary bike.

Find out your total capacity to know your aerobic range.
Subtract your age from 220. If your age is 72,

148 = your maximum capacity.

You will hit this number if you try to workout at 100%. You don’t want to work out at 100%. You want to work for 60-75% of your total capacity.

To find 60% of 148:

x .6
88.8 = beats per minute

To find 75% of 148:

x .75
111 = beats per minute

You have to stay in a heart range between 88-111 beats per minute. With this formula you can calculate your range. If you are older or younger, you have to calculate to get the accurate number.

With the given information, you can make sure what your heart rate is and continue the exercise program.

There is no need to buy an expensive heart rate monitor which does all kinds of things. You need a basic heart rate monitor that displays your heart rate.

After getting a heart rate monitor, start your exercise program slowly. Before starting any fitness workout, warm up your body. Warm up can be as simple as a five minute brisk walk (Warm up exercise).

Include stretching exercises in your daily routine. Stretching exercises makes your body flexible. As your body becomes more flexible, chances of injuries become less. Do not forget to cool down after exercise program.

Warm up and cool down protects you from injuries while working out. One important thing before starting any exercise program is consulting the doctor and discussing about your exercise program. Ask your doctor what are the exercises that are suitable for you and what are not.