Dog Walking – A Fitness Exercise Celebrities Love

It is possible that some people aren’t really the gym type but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be exercising. You might have heard about Jennifer Cohen, the author of the book ‘No Gym Required’ who manages to stay fit without having to spend on expensive gym memberships.

Although you may not be a gym type, you could have a dog that needs a lot of walking so you should make the best of it. Walking is one of the best workouts that are out there. In order to make it more effective, before you start walking do 10 pushups. In case you are in a park, you could also use the pull-up bars.

celebrity-exerciseChoosing a hilly region is also a good idea because going up and down makes different muscle groups work. Don’t forget about music either. It has been proven that listening to the right kind of music makes you work faster and for longer periods of times.

You should play fetch with the dog, but after you have thrown the ball, run together with the pet. You will get the benefits of the sprints and he will love that you are playing with him. Wrist and ankle weights could help you burn 50% more calories by simple walking.

It looks like the celebrities also enjoy the benefits of walking their pets and maybe we should all follow their lead.

Teri Hatcher is one of those celebrities who like to spend their time with their dogs, walking not one but two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Amanda Seyfried also enjoys this free time activity. She is taking her dog for long walks along through Griffith Park in L.A.

Up to now we have mentioned only women, but men are active in this business as well, such as Ryan Phillippe. He has a German shepherd that he likes to spend some time with. Jessica Biel has also been often caught on tape while walking one of her dogs.

Sienna Miller is trying to hide her true identity while she is walking her dog through the city and Hugh Jackman might have one of the most surprising pets. We would expect a big dog and instead he has a small little Frenchie. It is even cuter that they are both warmly coated in the low temperatures of NYC.

Natalie Portman is a known fan of Yorkshire Terriers and she is often spotted walking her companion.