Fitness Exercise – The Best way To Stay Healthy And Good In Shape!

Fitness exercise makes one healthy, slim and good in shape; being healthy and good in shape makes one’s life more enjoyable.

Fitness exercise refers to a physical activity that is performed regularly to stay fit and healthy.

It is one of the best ways to prevent diseases and preserve health in good condition.

Fitness exercises provide several health benefits. It increases longevity and age; improves the condition of the heart and lungs; controls blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, heart strokes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis [Prevent Osteoporosis], lung diseases, and many other health related problems.Fitness Exercise

There are several different fitness exercises to improve each and every part of the body, importantly arms, shoulders, stomach, chest, and legs.

Fitness exercises for arms:

Preacher Curl:

Sit on a preacher bench, lean down and position your body in such a way that the chest is against the bench and the arms cross it. Adjust the arms so that the arm pit rest near the top of the pad. Grasp a barbell with shoulder width underhand grip, keeping the elbows relaxed.

Raise the bar up until forearms are vertical with the back of the upper arm resting on the pad. Drop the barbell down until arms are fully extended.

Tricep kickback, tricep pushdown, overhead extension, tricep dips, concentration curl, incline bicep curls, hammer curls, single arm pushdown, rope pushdown, one arm row are other fitness exercises for arms.

Fitness exercises for shoulders:

Shoulder Press:

Start by sitting on a bench with back support. With an overhand grip grasp dumbbells in each hand. Hold the dumbbells slightly above the shoulders in front of you, pointing the elbows in the direction of the floor. Keep the abdominals stiff and the lower back in a neutral position.

Raise the dumbbells up and overhead in such a way that the arms are fully extended. Pause at this position and slowly lower to the starting position.

Forward raises, arnie press, side raises, bent over raises, upright row are other fitness exercises for shoulders.

Fitness exercises for stomach:

Pelvic Tilt:

Lie down flat with knees slightly bent. Pull the muscles of the stomach up and in, press the lower back into the floor and breathe out when you lift pelvis and breathe in as you place the pelvis onto the floor and slowly get back to the start position.

Crunches knees bent, roman chair, bicycles, seated knee raises, leg raises floor, toe touches, and double crunches are other fitness exercises for stomach.

Fitness exercises for chest:


By holding the parallel dip bars, adjust yourself with the fully extended arms. Keep hips slightly bent and lower your body until the upper arms are parallel to the floor. Push body back up in same posture and repeat.

Bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell flys, push-ups, pec dek, chest press are other fitness exercises for chest.

Fitness exercises for legs:

Leg raises:

Lie down on one side supporting your upper body with elbow. Keep your top leg straight and bottom leg bend slightly. Raise your top leg slowly about 40cm. Lower the leg slowly without touching the other leg.

Dumbbell squats, donkey kick, leg press, squats, reverse lunges, standing calf raise, step ups, leg curl are other fitness exercises for legs.