Five Minute Workouts for Those Short on Time

Meaning of ‘workout’ for most trainers is performing a routine set of exercises whether they are cardio, aerobic, or weight training for a determined length of time while maintaining at minimum 60% of the maximum heart rate.

Everyone is busy with their work schedules and maximum people do not workout in that busy schedule. Time is short for almost everyone these days but it is important to include physical activity throughout your busy day.

Many people believe that to get a good workout, you must exercise for 30 to 45 minutes or else you don’t get anything out of it. In order to include more fitness in your busy schedule you need to follow some methods.

But research proves that short, intense segments of activity spread throughout the day are efficient as long workout.exercise workout

Everyone can spend at least five minutes in their busy workouts somewhere to fitness and exercise. To get you started, here are some workouts that really take only five minutes.

Workout 1: Abdominals and sides

Lay down on a mat on your back, with your knees bent and feet together, hands extended. Lift your chest and tuck your chin. Keeping your shoulders up off the ground and arms straight out, rotate from side to side, reaching a hand toward a foot. This move is called the penguin. Repeat for five minutes.

Workout 2: Shoulders and back of the arms

Warm up yourself by brisk walk. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height and start out in a W position. Push your arms up maintaining the same angle and then lower them. Keep your stomach tight. You can start with whatever weight and finish it or drop the weight and continue the movement with empty hands.

Workout 3: Lower body

Lean over and place both your hands on the back of a chair. Balance on one leg and raise the other leg with bent knee until the knee is level with the elbow. Keeping the foot in the same plane as the knee (it shouldn’t be higher or lower) push back, leading with the heel rather than the toe. Bend and straighten for 30 seconds on each side. It isn’t necessary to go fast, just use proper alignment for the entire minute.

Workout 4: Stretch

Spend five minutes just stretching yourself out. Start with your extremities, one at a time. Point your toes and elongate your legs.

Spend five minutes just stretching yourself out. Start with your extremities, one at a time. Point your toes and elongate your legs. Extend your hands upwards over your head and outwards to your sides. Indulge yourself in a long, thorough stretch. As you start to sit up, stretch out your back and roll your neck around. Give each stretch a ten to fifteen second hold and then repeat it.

By the time your feet touch the floor, do one last stretch and you’ll be ready to start the day. Stretching allows your muscles to loosen from a night of immobility and sleeping posture. You’ve warmed them up and you’re ready for the day.

If you are in the kitchen, you can do calf raises. Repeat for a count of ten to fifteen and then pause for thirty seconds and repeat with a second set.

If you want to make it a bit harder and have a step handy, perform the rise up and down with your heels angled slightly over the step so you can drop them down on the down swing of the raise. This exercise strengthens the calf muscle, and also helps to stretch the hamstrings in the back of the legs.

Workout 5: One-Leg Lifts

Balance on the right foot, holding onto the back of the chair. Hold a dumbbell in the right hand. Lean down as the left leg is lifted. Slowly return to the starting position. Work each side for 30 seconds.

Workout 6: Cardio & Conditioning Work

Warm up by briskly walking in place for the first 30 seconds. Increase the pace to a power-walk speed. Keep walking and add a simple overhead reach by raising your arms straight up with every two steps. Change your arm movement to reaching in front and then pulling back and continue walking.

Pick up the hand weights and perform as many bicep curls as possible while you continue your walk. Change the movement to pushing the weight directly overhead and then lowering as you keep the pace.

Put the weights down and slow down to your original pace. Perform as many squats as you can by sitting back and keeping your heels pressed into the ground. Walk slowly as your breathing and heart rate return to normal.

This workout exercise increases your heart rate quickly and conditions the cardiovascular system with the high speed of walking in place.

Because time is important for everyone, you can follow these five minute exercises to keep yourself fit.