Free Weights For Each Muscle Group Provides Muscular Strength!

When using free weights, your muscles will be engaged as you lift and balance the weight.

Free weights provide overall muscular strength and power gain.

You can perform variety of exercises with free weights such as dumbbells.

Free weights can be used by anyone regardless of shape, size or strength.

If you are a beginner, light dumbbells are the best free weights for you.

As you improve and become stronger, you can use barbells. Free weights build stability and balance in a way machines cannot.Free Weights

Here are some free weight exercises for you:

Bench press: This exercise can also be done with barbell. Bench press gives greater range of motion. This free weight exercise strengthens your triceps, pectorals and shoulders.

Sit down on bench with dumbbells resting on lower thigh. The weights should be kicked to the shoulder and you should lie back. The dumbbells should be positioned to the sides of upper chest with elbows under the dumbbells.

The dumbbells should be pressed up with elbows to the sides until your arms are extended. The weight should be lowered to the upper chest sides. Repeat the exercise.

Bicep curl: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and relax your knees. Hold the barbell with hands keeping at shoulder width apart. Stand straight and allow the bar hang in front of your thighs.

To curl the bar to shoulder level, elbows should be bent. Stay in this position for two seconds and lower the bar to the original position.

Tricep curl: Tricep curl can be done with one weight in each hand or heavier weight in both the hands. You can use free hand to steady the arm being exercised. This provides a stricter movement.

Upper arms should be kept still and bar should be lowered until the whole arms are straight. Slowly the bar should be allowed to come back to its original position.

Lateral raise: Lateral exercise strengthens your shoulders, especially deltoids. This free weight exercise is single joint. This exercise strengthens the shoulder muscles, especially deltoids. You can perform this exercise while standing or sitting.

Fly: This free weight exercise strengthens your chest. This exercise can be performed on mat or floor. When you perform this exercise on the bench, you will not get much range of motion.

Forward arm raise: This free weight exercise helps to strengthen your shoulders. Stand with feet hip width apart. Bend your legs slightly.

The left arm should be kept at your side and right arm should be raised straight in front of you to shoulder height. Perform the exercise in alternately by keeping right arm at your side.

Free weights are better way to attain an overall workout. There are different exercises with free weights for each muscle group.

Using different exercises on same muscle increase the muscle efficiency making it perform better and give a toned appearance. Free weights are a great way to get a rewarding workout with less space.