From Belly Dancing To Hip Hop – Check Out The Latest Trends In Aerobics

Exercise boring? There are so many ways to exercise. There’s a long list of sports that provide great exercise for the competitor in us.

There are relaxing exercises like jogging and cycling that can be taken through scenic areas.There are so many different types of exercise machines.

Also, how can anyone be bored with the seemingly limitless number of aerobics exercises out there designed to trim your abs, tighten your butt and melt off tons? Check out the latest trends in aerobics exercise.


Yoga is a popularly known form of aerobics that originated from India. Though yoga exercises has many variations, the effects are mostly the same.

This relaxing form of aerobics is designed to increase flexibility, strength, muscle tone and calmness. The best benefit associated with yoga is that it provides very effective stress relief.


Kwando is the newest variation of Tae Bo incorporating karate, kick boxing, and Tae Kwon Do. Expect one heck of a workout while throwing punches and kicks. Take out frustration on air and relieve stress. Who wouldn’t find this fun?

Hip hop aerobics

Hip hop aerobics takes advantage of the fluid energy of the hip hop style and combines it with downright coolness. Learn a really cool dance form great for clubbing and trim your waistline while you’re at it.


Jumping on a trampoline. What could be more simple and fun than that? The mere act of jumping on a trampoline has been found to tone muscles and burn fat.

Reggae aerobics

Reggae is a rhythmic workout that features the music of reggae, calypso, and soca. It is a good upper and lower body workout with accents on the torso.

Tribal bellydancing

A sensual form of dance and a great for burning the abs. Belly dancing is a very spiritual and unique form of exercise.

Tahitian stomp

Seems like every area of the world has its own form of aerobics. Polynesian and Tahitian dance moves to the traditional aerobic class format? What an exotic idea.

Disco aerobics

Disco never dies. If you aren’t embarrassed to wear polyester, this form of aerobics is for you. Okay, the instructor might allow gym shorts.


Pilates are a form of aerobics that focuses on balance. Those who master pilates exercises are able to control their breathing and improve cardiovascular function.


Spinning aerobics is advertised everywhere. Spinning involves using a specially designed bike. Spinning aerobics instructors guide students through the exercise process, telling students to speed up or slow down their pace. This exercise is supposedly able to burn serious calories.

Cardio kick boxing

Cardio kick boxing is a very well known aerobics program. A leader leads a group through specific punches and kicks. If done properly, cardio kick boxing seems to be the best bet for developing a full body workout.