Get Fit with a Professional Boxing Training Routine

Traditional boxing workouts have created many champions over the years. Famous boxers like Jake LaMotta, Joe Louis, and Rocky Marciano to modern warriors like Manny Pacquiao have repeated the same rigorous boxing training routine countless times.

boxing training routine

A boxing workout routine doesn’t need to be complicated. The workout is simple, yet effective. During training, every part of your body will be worked.

Benefits of a Boxing Workout Routine

Boxing workouts will be physically and mentally demanding for the athlete. They will also help increase stamina, build strength, tone the body, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn a ton of calories.

A study completed by Harvard Medical School explained that a 185 lb. person could burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. A good boxing workout will also speed up your metabolism. The body’s metabolism is the rate in which your body expends calories. A faster metabolism equates to more overall calories burned throughout the day.

The Boxing Training Routine

The routine can be done 3 to 5 days a week depending on your fitness goals. Most traditional boxing gyms have a timer bell that is usually set for 3 minute rounds, followed by a 1 minute rest period. This is done to simulate an actual fighting round. Your entire workout will be performed in concert with the bell. If you don’t have access to a timer bell, you can use a stop watch.

This traditional boxing workout is different from “cardio boxing” that has become so popular. This boxing routine resembles interval training. You will have 3 minutes of high intensity activity followed by 1 minute of rest.


Boxing requires you to move parts of your body very quickly. You need to be loose and relaxed before you start the workout. Take your time when you stretch and hold each stretch for 30 seconds. Remember to stretch your legs, arms and shoulders.

Jumping Rope

Perform 2 to 3 rounds of jumping rope. This exercise will often take some time to learn, but it’s a great way to warm up the body.

Shadow Boxing

Perform 3 rounds of this exercise. You can shadow box in a ring, in front of a mirror, or just about anywhere you choose. Shadow boxing involves throwing punches in the air; footwork is performed at the same time. This skill allows boxers to practice the fundamentals of the sport, while improving their cardiovascular endurance.

Heavy Bag

Hit the heavy bag for 3 rounds. This bag is one of the most important boxing training bags. It helps the fighter develop explosive strength and power.

Remember to move around the bag and not stand still. Experienced boxers will utilize the heavy bag to practice every punch in their repertoire. You will need your 1 minute rest here, because your heart will be pounding.

Double End Bag

This is a small bag that is connected with an elastic cord from the ceiling to the floor. The double end bag is used for timing and hand-eye coordination. The bag will move back at you after you hit it. This will allow you to practice dodging punches, and will teach you to move your body after you throw a punch. Hit this bag for 3 rounds.

The double end bag is mostly a finesse exercise. You don’t have to hit it hard. The key is to concentrate on hitting this moving target and working on moving your body for defense.

Cool Down

At this point of boxing training routine, you should be exhausted and soaked in sweat. It’s now time to cool off and stretch out. Drink plenty of water and relax, because you’ve earned it.