Get Rid Of Rhomboid Muscle Injuries With These Exercises!

Don’t overlook your rhomboid muscles, as they are the most important trigger points and they are also responsible for your shoulder movement as well as for shoulder support.

As your shoulders are mostly involved in all of your daily routine activities, rhomboid muscles often experience over tiredness, which can be a cause for chronic pain in your back.

Few rehabilitation exercises for rhomboid muscle injury:

  • Reach and pull stretch: Try to stand by clasping your hands in front of you at your chest height, and then drop your head down by stretching it at the back of your neck.Now try to move forward with your arms by stretching your upper part of the body backwards. Hold this position for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat this process for 3 times. This exercise can give better relaxation for your rhomboid muscles.exercises for your rhomboid muscles
  • Pectoralis stretch: Stand in a doorway distance from the wall or at the corner by placing both of your hands slightly above your head.
    Now slowly try to lean towards the wall until you feel a stretch in front of your both shoulders. Hold yourself in this position for 30 seconds and try to repeat it for 3 times.
  • Scapular series of motion: Stand with your shoulders shrugged upwards and hold this position for 5 seconds and then try to squeeze your shoulder blades for five more seconds.
    Next try to pull your shoulders backwards as if you are trying to put your hands in your back pocket. Relax for sometime and then repeat the same procedure for 10 more times to get better relief from rhomboids injury.
  • Scapular retraction by using elastic tube: Take a 5-foot length of tubing and try to tie a knot in the middle of the tube. Shut the knot in a door at your shoulder height. By standing 3 feet away from your door, take each end of the tube in both of your hands.
    Now try to move your hands to shoulder level with your hands and shoulders in parallel to the floor and also they must be in same height from the floor. Now try to squeeze your shoulder blades backwards simultaneously and pull your elbows straight back in order to stretch the tube for resistance. Hold in for 5 seconds and return to initial position. Relax for sometime and then again repeat the same process for 10 more times.

These are some of the rehabilitation exercises for your rhomboid muscles. Whenever your rhomboids undergo excess strain or tiredness, then you can try these rhomboid exercises. They are quite simple and also safe, provided if you understand the method thoroughly.