Great Ideas For Budget Conscious People Who Still Want To Have An Exercise Program

The global crisis has been hurting a lot of people for some time now and because serious money should be used for more important things doesn’t mean your exercise program should be forgotten.

There are several ingenious ways that you can do to still be on your toes and keep an exercise regimen without spending as much.

Here are some helpful tips you might want to consider:

exercise regimen1. If you have the extra money, just buy two sets of dumbbells, one with lighter weights and the other one with heavier weights.

This is to help you make several modifications with your weight training.

If you cannot afford to buy them at the same time, buy the lighter weights first then the heavier weights at a separate time.

There are several ways that you can improvise your dumbbells such as:

  • 2 full soup cans that can be equivalent to your lighter weight. This can be used in doing your upper body exercises.
  • 2 small water bottle or milk jugs, which you can refill and use for weights, this could give you about 2 pounds each, but if you want it heavier, you can fill it up with sand.
  • Duffle bags with handles, which you can fill with books and be used for upper and also lower body exercises like squats and lunges.
  • PVC pipes are made of different sizes choose 2 sizes; one pair of small PVC pipe and another pair of larger PVC pipe. Fill both with sand and secure using a duct tape and there you go.

2. Buy an exercise CD that you can play over and over again and follow at home at your own convenience. It depends on your interest; it could be in a form of dance, aerobics, step exercises, pilates, tae boxing and many others. Just be sure to get one that you will really do.

3. Get a good pair of running shoes that you can use to do jogging or brisk walking at the park.

4. Make use of your club swimming pool and make several laps every day.

5. Take a walk instead of a ride going to a nearby grocery to buy some stuff. Walking if done regularly is a good form of exercise, which is good for your lower leg muscles and definitely good for your heart.

And if you are really into setting up your home gym, you will definitely benefit from bargain hunting. These could be from garage sales, buy and sell sports houses, classified ads and online bargain stores.

There are however, equipments that you should really prepare for instead of buying cheap ones that will not be very useful, in the end you will just be wasting more money.

Some of these equipments that you should save and buy a good one include: a good MP3 player that you can play while you are outdoors, heart monitors because you need them to be accurate; treadmills and elliptical trainers, you would want to spend a good amount of money here so it would last you a long time, and lastly go buy yourself a pair of good shoes – never under spend on them or it may be disastrous for you.

Creating a home gym does not have to be expensive. Besides you can set it up, one equipment at a time.